To Crimson’s or not to Crimson’s

If you wear crimsons, you put lamentation in the cube, generally speaking, so no spot for aquila

whats better for higher GR push though?

I haven’t looked too much into it, but I think most of the top clears are wearing Crimsons set.

Check the Season 19 guide stickied at the top of this forum for more detailed information.

I can help. Crimson’s requires higher paragon to survive where as 6 piece waste with stomp provides more toughness.

In game check the leader boards. Non season, its all crimson with 10k paragon where as non season, its 6 piece waste. For example, I can do a 110 with zero augments with 6 piece waste, not die once but kill slower. If I put on crimson, I clear faster but die in nearly one shot to some enemies.

If i had super high paragon, I’d probably be inclined to go crimsons.

I’m not math nor game expert, so the following is my simple thought :slight_smile: :-

Caption set require 2 armor slots + 1 jewellery slot, provide 1.2 damage multiplier + 20% DR base values at lease. Further buff by your RCR & CDR in gears & Paragon.

With same slots investment you can get double+ Rend damage (Lam) + 50% DR (Aquila), Barb class unlikely will/can stack enough RCR & CDR to achieve these 2 values. So I prefer Lam + Aquila

Most people using 6pc Wastes use Mantle in the cube, not Aquila’s

This is answered in the guide: [Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20)


not everyone cares about your ripped off guide

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I care and i enjoyed it.
Thanks Free


The guide isn’t ripped off. I wrote the original back in 2015 and this is the newest, updated version.

Weird response there, Lucca.


Rude! Your mother must have forgot to teach you manners. Or she realized you weren’t worth it.


I don’t really see Mantle of Channeling being worth much overall though. The damage boost is only roughly worth +1 GR push, and at high GR lvls, phishing for a good rift is a far greater contributor (imo) then Mantle’s damage boost. At lower levels of gameplay, the baseline damage output of rend build is enough to get you to roughly 110, but a single sneeze from anything will kill you. I feel that Aquila’s extra DR would be stronger then the single GR worth of damage from Mantle.

I feel like crimson set is amazing the more CDR the better damage you do and permanently wotb and Ignore pain it pretty sweet I’m currently working on 125 solo 2000 paragon i feel I can do it with some augments

i play none crimsons and managed to complete a 120 at para 1002 with zero augments on my gear.

Now have 6 lvl 100 augments on my gear and cruised through a GR124 para 1035

Season or non season

Season or non season.

i am playing season,

The thing is that the season buff is incredibly powerful. Most events either severly weaken or straight one-shot elite packs. And then you have 500+ stacks (50% damage bonus) for guardian. My guess is that this season will have higher clears than ns despite lower paragon

You can get both, cube RoRG and Aqua, wear Lam and Mantle with 6 piece waste.

Only slightly less effective than cubed BoM and Mantle but more lazy, no need to stomp every 8 secs.

Ok that make sense I play non season