Tips to make my Seasonal Barb less glassy without BoM

On the PC, think you have to stop spinning and let EW ramp back up to max dmg … its use may be more for dmg mitigation … which is kinda a waste of 2x slots since if you aren’t moving, you’re dead at higher GRs.

Yup you lose damage reduction, 2 jewelry slots, as well as your Taeguk stacks, doesn’t seem worth.

Graveheart are you able to keep WoTB up without Crimsons? I might try going back to the core zodiac build, but I’m not sure that I can go without the 20% CRD that CC brings…

Don’t use the Endless Walk set. You’re giving up two jewelry slots for less DR than you could get with 1 item (Band of Might), and you’re sacrificing Flavor of Time, which is hands-down the best amulet in the game.

Folks, if you’re feeling squishy, use Band of Might. Keep it simple.

And don’t bother with Crimson’s if you have less than 3k Paragon.


And don’t bother with Crimson’s if you have less than 3k Paragon.

Is this 3k effective paragon (including augments)? So if I have +1200 paragon from augments I should be able to run CC w/ CoE once I reach Paragon 1800 (in theory)?

No, real Paragon.

Thing with Crimson’s is that if you don’t have COE in the build, you’re not doing much more damage than Core Zodiac. It’s not worth it until you have the Strength to really beef up your Armor. And it’s not worth giving up Band of Might until you have the Paragon to make it work.

Really, it boils down to this: Core Zodiac gets Band of Might and COE, plus you can still use whatever weapon set you want, you get a Cube slot open for Armor, and you don’t have to craft junk at the blacksmith and waste mats. For 90% of players, it’s never worth it to deviate from Core Zodiac.

@ Korlomovic: You really gotta read the stickied guide in this forum, mah dude. Don’t bother with Crimson and get that higher damage weapon in your main hand.

And folks, if you see people struggling with the build, point them to the guide! There’s a reason it’s stickied!


Ok so +4k effective paragon required then, got it.

While I agree with everything else, crimson’s is super easy to get good ancient rolls. You need belt and either pants or boots, neither of those has any crucial secondary rolls like physical resistance (you get res primary affix) or reduced melee/ranged damage (cannot roll). Both crimson and aughild are literally free ancients, takes 5-15 rolls each time and due to their generic toughness attributes can be used by any barbarian or crusader build.

So, difficulty in rolling is not an argument against crimson but rather for it since it’s considerably cheaper than rerolling a set that won’t be used by any other build. Still not worth using at lower paragon though.

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Tell that to my Blacksmith.

Wasted about 2000 yellows trying to craft Ancient boots and belt, and they still don’t have optimal rolls.

No, I stand by what I said. Not worth the headache for Season players, particularly if mats are a concern, and doubly so when the killstreak bonuses are worth more anyway.

For non-Season, the move to Crimson’s is, eventually, a good thing, but not as soon as most people think.

RNG is RNG but I did less than 15 rolls for both in season and in NS. Previous season with DH took even fewer rolls. That’s 15 mats from two acts, vastly cheaper than rerolling sets in season where souls can be hard to accumulate. Yellows are really easy to get from white weapons from leoric mansion and turning the reusable parts to veils, around 100 every 2 minutes.

Also, crimson can be quite good to have at start of season if you get lucky with the plans, the cdr and rcr bonuses can cover the needs from imperfect rolls in wastes set. As soon as you get good rolls, it’s better to have wastes 6.

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RNG is indeed RNG, and I don’t advise Season players to waste mats until much later. With this Season’s killstreak bonuses, there’s really no reason to go Crimson’s.

For non-Season, it’s so much easier to get optimized Waste pieces since they drop and can be upgraded from rares. Not knocking the route you took, but don’t advise it for most players.

But this is even more expensive 50 mats and 25 db per upgrade and you get a random belt/pants which can be normal or ancient and with whatever rolls. Compared with 30 mats (50 yellows), 1x2 bounty for guaranteed crimson, normal or ancient and whatever rolls.

Since you only play NS and only barbarian (I think?) I feel that your opinion is skewed by your terrible luck. I’ve rolled str/dex/int crimson and aughild (which is much more difficult due to much more rolls in shoulders/bracers) for multiple chars, it’s always over within a few rolls.

Anyway, I agree that crimson is not better than wastes 6 if you don’t use CoE, it’s just that the mats argument is not central in the discussion. Perhaps other seasonal users could state their experience in rolling those sets.

Well I didn’t take that route, it took ages for the plans to drop and I was already >P600 with ok rolls in wastes set. Just mentioning as an emergency solution instead of having extremely long WotB downtime. But late drop for crimson plans seems to be the norm.

Correct. But they also drop. So, when you’re running Bounties, Neph Rifts, or gem-up GRs, you have a very good chance at getting good Waste pieces–not to mention Haedrig’s Gift for this Season. So, yeah, RNG is RNG, but you have far more opportunities to get what you need for Core Zodiac doing everything other than crafting.

You seem to have been very fortunate with your Blacksmith, so kudos.

Guys he knows what he is talking about. I have 3800 paragon with CC build with almost perfect gear and at times can feel squishy in a 115 depending on the mob type and this is a speed clear for me. I am definitely squishy all the time in 125+.
Now if someone was to do this in season with sub 2k para imagine what would happen. This is why they are running band of might and stone guantlets in season with non CC build. You only need to stay alive and manipulate the season buff for great clears. The season buff is worth at least 10 lvls if not 15 lvls.

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What’s your effective Paragon if you don’t mind me asking?

not sure how that is calculated but I have 31,600 main stat.

Edited for easier calculation:

Total Paragon - 800 (A)

Total main stat from Paragon divided by 5 (B)

Total main stat from Augs divided by 5 ( C )

A + B + C + Effective Paragon

So, in my case:

A = 1496
B = 968
C = 880

Effective Paragon = 3344

Yes with some optimized gear rolls and WW Zodiac play-style (if you follow Free’s excellent guide, you should be able to too ;-D ).

Capt Crimsoms is fine at the start of season … especially for those who are still farming for Waste gear and it does have its set benefits early on … However, there is a plateau that that you will hit where it becomes a trade-off and better options are available to better push.

@Free … its not just the high Paragon, its those Leg gem levels that help too.

Yes, but you can get those playing zDPS Barb, too, and with less headache. The days of struggling to get gems to 110+ are long behind us.

Amen Bro … so nice to have Spin-To-Win viable again !

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