Time for Another Double Bounty Event


I’ve pretty much used up all my bounty mats from the last one :slight_smile:


Something I had hoped to see a while back was reoccurring events (for example: double bounty, gobs, etc.) that would take place during an active season, but would benefit non-seasonal players as well.


I’d be down for double bounties again, especially with how hard it is to roll a decent flavor of time. It seems worse than the compass rose.


Team up with 3 other guys for 2-3 hours and split-bounty, you can have upto 1k mats by the end of it.


Double bounty caches should be permanent.


I may have done that a time for 3. It is even better to split bounties for a weekend of double bounties and have enough to last a few months.


I will admit, it did get me to do bounties!


I’d simply increase the amount of bounty mats significantly. They are the main reason we do bounties. A full set of T16 bounties currently yields 22 mats each, enough for miserable 4.4 rerolls of an item.

That would be easier to implement than double bounties.


They’ve already got the double bounty event programmed, just have to turn it on.

I like the double bounty events because friends and I can just suck it up and run a hella lot of bounties over a weekend and not have to worry about them again for a good while.


Definitely need some kind of an event…

I’d prefer something else though, something we haven’t done yet, that would also maybe pose somewhat of a challenge:

Double Rift Guardians

  • Double the GR Keys in regular rifts
  • Double the Blood Shards
  • Double the item drops