Three Tzo to choose

Which one is best and what stat to reroll?

Tzo 1
DEX 924
Life 14%
CC 5.5%
WOL 149%
Reduce CC 33%

Tzo 2
DEX 991
AR 121
CC 5.5%
WOL 149%
+15 Spirit

Tzo 3 (Primal)
DEX 1000
AR 130
Life 15%
WOL 150%

The first one looks the best, might not need any rerolls. The CC reduction can be useful when Epiphany is on cooldown.

The third one is good too if you reroll AR to CHC.

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3rd tzo depending of preference and paragon, roll off AR or life…

Tzo is wol gear, perma ephiphany is basic requirment whether spd or push. Especially push due to RS build. CC reduction should not be considered.

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So I found three garbage primal head gears and decided to test which is better.
I rerolled one to have +130AR, rerolled one to have +15%Life and the last +1000VIT.
+15%Life is ~2% more toughness than +130AR
+1000Vit is ~4% more toughness than +15%Life

I thought so too, but +Thorns is completely no use here.

Seems the 2nd Tzo offers best stats.

  • +15 Spirit is useful
  • Reroll AR to +VIT gives most toughness option.

I wont trash the other Tzo just yet and use them to get the feel based on my playstyle.

AR is usually desired over Vitality or life % because you can source it from paragon.

Mitigation reduces direct damage taken where HP does not, it only prevents 1 shot situations, however this can be countered by manoeuvres/micro management.

D3 panel toughness is not very accurate, it offers basic info relating to toughness. A 50K armor, 3K all res with 11% elite damage + various melee/range mitigation with 600K HP is far tankier than 4 mil HP toon with 8k armor + 1K all res with no other forms of mitigation. The difference with former, because mitigation is high, lost health can be healed back therefore your EFFECTIVE HEALING is good.

But suggestion is suggestions, you have to pick what best fits your playstyle.