Threads should be automatically locked after 6 months

And if people want to reference them, they can make their own & paste a link to the old one.

We got too many bored failtrolls around here necroing dead threads that ran their course or got nowhere.


Best choices is not to read…
Dont look…
Go farm and get better gears and levels, cuz your char la are bad.


Hence “failtroll”, because you can’t even troll well. Thanks for proving my point.


Not a terrible idea. Automatic lock after 6 moths of inactivity. Just exclude stickied threads.

The only downside is that some people who tend to imitate a broken record (I doubt I have to name certain well known individuals guilty of this) would keep on creating new threads on their favorite subjects to gripe about.


Lol those make new sock poppet accounts every week anyway to spam said threads. Nothing would change on that front.


Not always possible to determine a necro’d thread from active threads until after you read and note the tag that says

6 months later

From there, you need to determine “is this new post still relevant?” and “Does the poster bring anything new to the discussion?” by reading the post. (Not all of us work for the CIA and have access to AI that does this for us)

With the recent necro’d threads I’ve seen, they always fail one of those questions. Sometimes both.

With that, I agree that inactive threads (6+mo) should be auto-locked. Or, at least, only allow those with TL2.5+ to post to them.


I could certainly get behind an automatic lock system for threads. At the same time however, I think it’d be nice that whenever someone attempts to make a new thread, the forum (assuming that this is possible), based on the title that the would-be thread maker was going for, could give them a list of already existing relevant threads, of the same or similar topic, so instead of making a new thread, the person could just jump into one of the existing threads and continue the discussion there if they so choose.


It does, but we’re in the “special snowflake” period of society, so they have to make their own thread regardless of how many already exist.


In some cases, I’d rather they make a new thread then necro an old one.

So, the “try these threads” algorithm should have a limit based on age of last activity.


Agreed for any type of “general discussion” forum. I don’t think it should apply to support forums, as someone may have pertinent information on a resolution to an unresolved (but dated) problem.

I’ve been through numerous quests for information on forums where I’ve found the needed information to solve a problem where that information was posted months or even longer than a year after the last post.


That was the point I was going to make. Imagine relevant data like build guides just vanishing one day, or some in-depth discussion about how different damage types are calculated by the game. I wouldn’t want to see those vanish just because of an expiration date.

Random “I don’t like Thing X about Thing Y” threads…don’t really need to stick around forever.

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I’d say a month, personally.

Yeah , even threads in reddit got archived after 6 months period.

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Weird way to shoehorn your cringe politics in but ok. Do you think if the “snowflakes” had to post in already existing threads that they’d be less “snowflaky” for it? Clearly, the first step we must take to a stronger tomorrow, and to teach those darned kids what’s what, is to install more control over similarly titled threads on our Diablo forum!

Yeah, it has nothing to do with your manufactured beliefs, it’s simply more efficient and effective to make a new thread 99% of the time. That’s just the way it is on most forums and somehow the world turns.


But I’ve been perfecting my forum necromancy skills for nearly a decade. You can’t do this to me!!!

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They should start a new web site “www.wecomplainalotaboutotherpeoplesposts.boring.people”


Aaaaand, yep: Officially devolved into personal attacks. That could be a record.


That does happen. Most the time though, the relevant threads are from late 2019. So either necro an old one or make a new one. In that case, I would choose that latter.

The OP was an attack => “We got too many bored failtrolls around here necroing dead threads”.

I don’t understand why it would bother you at all?