This is why they stop making D3 2nd expansion

Or any game without in-game mtx.

1 World of Warcraft Mount Allegedly Made Blizzard More Money Than StarCraft 2


A former Blizzard developer candidly shares how one World of Warcraft mount made more money on its own than StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty.

No wonder D3 2nd expansion got canned and they shifted their focus to Diablo 3.5 aka Diablo Immortal at that time.

Personally I always read them stopping the development of second expansion, as them realizing they hit it big at China server of D3 from MTX but couldn’t funnel those profits abroad by China’s local laws. That was preventing them from using it as a capital, so as a result of this, Blizzard chose to invest it in China directly which greenlit the Diablo Immortal instead. With this in mind and having to spend excess funds to further fuel the development of second expansion of Diablo 3, they scrapped or shelved it. Because they have found a better potential elsewhere and D3 won’t be monetized in the west after that point.

Yeah I know huge assumptions from me, again.

As told in the article, it’s Jason Hall. He casually streams, often his game development diaries and test gameplay.

That mount was also in the store for the longest time of any of the mounts thus far AFAIK. That means even with the sales on it, it still made bank. Also, SC2 is very niche. Even among RTS fans, the original is viewed as superior and the sequel a pale imitation of the original.


Ya, pretty much everyone has known this for like a decade. D3V had mtx, RMAH. When legislation changed and they were going to lose it, 2nd xpac got scrapped. The first xpac got released because it was pretty much done by the time they knew they were going to lose the RMAH.

After this, they focused on making easy mtx filled P2W phone apps. Thank goodness they didn’t go this model with D4. Sell the game, sell xpacs, sell cosmetics, and make a lot of money. Now they just need to make D4 a good game.

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Diablo 4’s Hellish Microtransactions Go From Bad to Worse With $65 Horse Bundle That Costs More Than the Game Itself

And they are cosmetic right? or do they have impact on the game?

If they want to sell digital art for an insane price, that is up to the individual. More power to them.

If they sell items in the game that increase the power of the player, aka Immoral, that is a different story.

I do not want to play a game where players are better than me because they dropped IRL cash. If they want to pay to have a clown wig while riding around on a plaid unicorn, then I could care less.

Selling the game is fine
Selling xpacs is fine
selling DLC’s is fine
selling cosmetics is fine
selling power not fine


The point of this thread is telling why they won’t make a game without in-game MTX anymore because they have a good reasons not to do it.

Sure it doesn’t have P2W, but you aren’t going to have those exclusive beautiful mount or cosmetic either… forever. They won’t make it unlockable like in many old games. :sunglasses:

Just like a real life, sure you can live with wearing a t-shirt, short pants and a slippers for your entire life but how many people want to live like that. :laughing:

Funnily enough, don’t mind digital art when it’s bundled with a good game. I bought Heart of the Swarm CE, D2R and Overwatch for wings. Probably played each of those games for 2hrs max. But i had things to do in D3 still when i made those purchases. Blizzard ain’t giving me reasons to hang around.

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They sell that mount horse cosmetic in a pack, with around 7k platinum in-game currency. Doing abit quick math here, I checked the Blizzard shop and found that around 8.5k platinum costs like $75 average. Going with the same ratio here, 7k platinum has more or less around $60-61 price value. Unless you go for the highest value pack which sells you 18.5k platinum for $150, this $60 for 7k plat rate stands for averages but don’t budge by a wide margin.

You see, when they sell you the horse and 7k platinum in a bundle, you don’t really get the best deal at all. Not even a significant discount. You just get the horse cosmetic for throwing an extra $5, which doesn’t sound really enticing. When you calculate the value of 7k platinum from lowest pack, market value jumps to $70 instead. Thus, for a low buyer a big bundle of platinum and a cosmetic to go with it may sound as a good deal actually. However, when you hit it to averages I don’t see it.

I see where you are coming from but no, it’s not like real life.

Right. And we have known about it for 10+ years. D3 was designed to mtx to support the sale of the game and mtx.

And I could care less. If you show up to golf with me and you have the most bedazzled outfit ever, good for you. If you show up to golf with me and you paid to be 50 yards closer to the pin on all holes, then I am not golfing with you.

If I am going to play a multiplayer game, I want all the players given the same opportunity for gear and power in the game as everyone else. If someone wants to pay for that disco outfit and ride a giraffe, it has no effect on me.

I think you just described heaven.

Pretty sure in the last 35 years, the only time I have worn pants instead of shorts was because of work, a fancy function, or a rare super cold day when I’ve been outside. :smiley:


I am certainly don’t know that selling a single horse is far far far profitable than a $60 full-fledged game until the former Blizzard worker told everyone. We may speculated that MTX made money but the real figure or estimation? We never know, but at least we know now. :sunglasses:

I am sure there are lot of people cared in reddit or else i won’t be able read so many salty comments on reddit today about $65 horse. In fact i learned the story that one WoW horse beating SC2 sales from there too.

It is hell to me. I am glad that i don’t live my life like that.

Well WOW’s player base is far far far more than the number of SC2 games sold, so it makes sense. People get stupid, then throw stupid money around, that is how it is. One person has the shiny new toy, then everyone rushes to the store to get theirs, trampling over people if they have to.

As far as being profitable, mtx are definitely the way to go. It is a ton of money to design and develop a game. It takes an artist 5 minutes to draw a horse. Companies are always going to try to go the easy way out. It is our job as consumers to keep them in line when they start cutting corners on the main product.

I too think it is silly people are crying over pixels. The thing is, they get to draw the line of what is important to them. If it is that important, they need to say their peace, then stop supporting Blizz. If they keep supporting Blizz, it tells them the mtx wasn’t that big a deal in the first place.

That is what is great about humans. Everyone’s vision of heaven is different. Imagine how boring the world would be if everyone thought the same, dressed the same, looked the same, etc. You can dress high end and I can dress like a beach bum and we are both happy.

For all those players who throw their money at Blizzard to Pay-for-Power it’s Diablo: Immortal.

For all those players who depise Pay-for-Power it’s Diablo: Immoral.

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I guess I’m one of those “stupid” people. I dabbled in Diablo 4 this season, but didn’t find it fun. So, I didn’t play much. But still, I liked the other seasons. And every month, I’ve dropped $100 on platinum to purchase different cosmetics.

In one pack, I got a backpack for my rogue that looks really cool and I’ve bought all sorts of mounts and different outfits.

Haven’t spent any of the platinum I bought this month, but it’s there I want to.

At any rate, hell like Alex, I’ve bought entire games just for the cosmetics it gave D3, D2R, D4. However, I don’t much like mmo’s or first person shooters so I haven’t bought games like WoW or Overwatch and that stuff.

Point is, it’s my money and it may be just pixels but if it looks cool enough, I’ll buy it. However, if it turned out that I HAD to purchase to make my character powerful that would be the end of D4 for me.

I mean, to each their own but I like my character to look cool and that backpack I got for my Rogue has actually got compliments from other players and since it was only an accessory pack it only cost about $5-$7 and the emotes I got were pretty cool too.

Anyway, as has been pointed out, the $65 isn’t just for the horse. The horse comes out to about $5-$7. It’s the platinum that comes with the horse that makes up the majority of the cost. But if you intend to purchase Battle Passes or other cosmetics, the platinum can be used for that. Any way, I wish folks would stop pretending that the cash shops is outrageously priced. When you compare it other games with MTX, the cash shop falls right in line with what other companies charge.

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I played both and in order. SC2 blows the original out of the water in any aspect. Not just graphics and cinematics (obviously) but pathing, infinite selections, hotkey buildings to name a few. And the level design is worlds - SC1 is just “clear the map” level after level.
I couldn’t believe it in the day when Terran 10 turned out to be just a near dupe of Terran 8.


You don’t think things are overpriced when some cosmetics cost more than the game itself?

Just because lots of companies do the same thing doesn’t mean the business model isn’t horrid. The very fact that D4 was far too expensive in the first place, coupled with a paid-for battle pass and paid-for cosmetics on top of that is why it’s the very first Diablo franchise game I have not, and will not, purchase.

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While you’re not wrong that SC2 has improvements over the original, some love the original classics for a variety of reasons. Some like the more classic aesthetics, simpler designs, nostalgia, sound, core gameplay, etc.

It’s the same reason some people prefer retro games vs modern games. Yes, modern games have improved but some never reach some gamers on the same level as originals.

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Tell me you didn’t read my post without telling me you didn’t read my post…

Anyway, there are no cosmetics that cost more than the game itself. Some packs of platinum (a currency you spend on cosmetics cost more the game) but those packages will buy several cosmetics, not just one or two.

So again, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, kindly either learn about the subject or don’t post at all.

Edit #2:

As an example, I’ll use this “overpriced” horse everyone is harping on. The horse and the 7800 platinum it comes with cost $65. But that 7800 platinum will buy an additional 3 outfits for your character; or 2 outfits and 2 accessory packs; or an additional mount, a mount armor package, a character outfit and an accessory for a character.

So tell me again how that “overpriced” horse is overpriced.


Starcraft 1 has so hard controls, makes the game hard. 2 is easier, because user interfqce and controls are easier. Only the gatekeeper hardcore SC1 players like that obsolete SC1.

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There’s two points to be made that people often misconstrue or flat out don’t understand in the first place.

First, is that shiny rocks and paper faces have no intrinsic worth. Currency is a secondary reward system backed by communal promise. Nothing more or less. Any “value” anyone assigns to it, is entirely on them and a reflection on their values, morals, or lack thereof. It’s just wood and metal.

Second, is that people like to be rewarded for their resource expenditures. This includes “intangible” ones like Time or Effort. If I choose to put in the investment, I should get a return of some sort. Whether it’s a return I can quantify, or a return of “I feel good having done this,” the reaction to my action is “I got something out of it that I wanted in some way.”

When you combine those two related, yet separate, ideas. You get the concept of “something I paid for isn’t worth the effort I did to get the money. I feel ripped off.”

People probably don’t have a problem with cash shop as a concept. It’s not like MTX’s are a novel idea that’s never been done. I do think it’s worth noting these are no longer “micro” transactions though. I would consider $70 to be a transaction in its own right. Obviously, that’s because $70 is a nontrivial amount of leisure money to me; if I were Elon Musk, perhaps I’d have a different perspective.

Rather, I think people are making the assumption that more effort is being put into the “micro” transactions than into the otherwise “free” (the purchase price of the game itself notwithstanding) aspects of the core experience; new content, refined content, bug fixes, balance adjustments, etc.

The counter-argument that is typically floated, is that these “micro” transactions help fund development of these other things. Problem with that is the whole “this isn’t an indie company” thing. Which is literally true - this is one of the largest gaming companies in the entire world. This was true even before the Microsoft merger, and even before the Activision merger. Blizzard’s been a household AAA name since at least the year 2000.

I don’t typically try to soap-box how other people should spend their money. I also don’t typically think most people are fundamentally “good.” I think most people are selfish and concerned with their own microcosm of self-preservation. They care primarily about them and theirs, and are trying to get by and not die and maybe find something fulfilling along the way if it doesn’t jeopardize their longevity.

But this seemingly pessimistic view DOES carry an upside: it proves that people are more willing to survive than die. Which means some plumb level of basic communal needs will always be met. We’ll allow some starvation, but not extinction. Point is, eventually, if you make it too obvious you’re only looking to score some cash, you’ll only attract people who don’t care about their cash.

Which brings me to my ultimate point: if you want to spend money on D4, that’s your choice. But you’re no better nor worse than someone who literally flushes it down the toilet.

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