This is how Blizzard treat customers - Disgusting

Last night +10 TIme Zone at 11pm, number of players from all over the world experience server errors where people get kicked into the lobby but not completely DCd. Can’t get back in unless closing the game for good and restart it. Unfortunately this induce character death straight away. For hardcore players like me, it was devistating. Submitted a ticket because I feel like it was not my fault on this death.

GM connected straight up trying to pin point blames on me. “Oh I have found you have an overlay” I responded I have played 6 hours with it with no problem. Then he responded “It’s not our servers problem because Telstra have network updates between 11pm -12am” I was pissed off and accepted that because I cannot fightback with that statement. Note that Telstra is the company that is responsible for infrastructure of australian network.

I asked if they cant retrieve my character is there any leveling compensation he can try to help. Nope, no help.
Conversation dropped and I reminded myself, when I was in the lobby with the other DCs someone did ask if its an Australian thing. And people responded no, its happening in EU and some other places as well. That makes me think blizzard Game Master are bunch of liars and dont wanna do anythings.

The person approach to “solve problems” absolutely disgusts me.

On top of that, see my ticket. Ticket Number: US68354598
I hate customer services dont even bother read your name properly.
Chung-Yin Johnny
Was playing fine till just then. Had 2-3 disconnections in a row not due to self internet issues. My character is a hardcore character and I worked hours on it.

Its not a normal dc, i was in the lobby talking to others fine.
11 hours ago
Good day Chung-Yin,

Thank you for contacting us. This is GM Katzelia and we just chatted previously.

After checking the situation, we could be sure that this is not our server’s issue, but it’s the major ISP was updating their Internet, causing the dropped this time.

It is said that they will perform the maintenance at around 23:00 - 24:00 AEST every day and sometimes causes such connection issues. If you wish to have a better connection, please kindly skip the games within this period of time.

Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Do you recall clicking Accept on this warning…

Permanent Death

You have but one life, eager hero. If you should die, though your deeds will be remembered, you shall not return again.

Customer Service will not revive a fallen Hardcore hero for any reason. All of your hero’s items will be lost forever upon death.

Well, planned / unplanned ISP maintenance is covered under the “for any reason” section of what you agreed to. Blizzard did exactly what the warning told you about and that you agreed to.


Sorry that you lost your HC character due to the ANZ server issues we had on Saturday.
I DCed regularly, as did many others in my clan. I remember thinking, definitely wouldn’t play HC in this.

As the others have said, Blizzard will not do anything, and deliberately covered themselves, as they cannot see what is a legitimate DC and what is user caused.

I do recommend in the future if you start getting lag spikes, etc. or if you see other ANZ players DCing or complaining about lag, that you consider stopping HC for awhile. Sure not an ideal solution, especially when corresponding to season start, but certainly everyone I spoke to Saturday seemed well aware the ANZ servers were playing up, so it was pretty risky to play HC at that time.

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Why even play HC? Especially on AUS servers… You think blizz HQ is anywhere near you? Do u think they actually care??

@nibz you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Blizzard operate servers in Australia for Australian and New Zealand players. So before putting your negative 2 cents in. Know your subject matter. N00b

12am” I was pissed off and accepted that because I cannot fightback with that statement. Note that Telstra is the company that is responsible for infrastructure of australian network.


Aust has NBN, Telstra is a RETAIL providor and not an ISP. You arent Australian obviously.

Not all of australia has nbn, and not everyone uses the pos nbn. Telstra lease their old crap to the nbn. Obviously by your own statement you arent australian either


Enjoy the taste of your own foot?

That is a cop out…

post NBN, Telstra is a RSP…same as an ISP basically, they just changed the term. Most of the backhaul infrastructure is owned by Telstra in Australia btw. Even for NBN…and, as a FYI, for most people who don’t get the NBN via FTTP, fibre nodes are terminated at the various Telstra MDFs. yes, Telstra network. These are still owned by Telstra.

I worked for an Aussie small ISP based in Brisbane for 8 years as a level 1-3 tech (we did everything, small company, all hands on deck as the saying goes).

As to NBN, it sucks. Badly engineered, already outdated, and vastly under performing everywhere it’s been deployed. The core issues that made DSL tech such still exist now with NBN fibre and until they are addressed, our country will continue to live in the Internet dark ages. From memory, we have placed last, or near last, in terms of Internet performance (post NBN) of any Western developed country…and we are going backwards every year.