Things from D4 that I would like to see in D3

Here was a novel Idea… Why not have the jewel crafter add sockets rather than the enchanter. I mean this has never made any sense at all. Mounts of course would be nice, if not really necessary though. Dodging would be a nice addition. Sorting the stash, but I would like it for the bag too. Being able to chose your affixes/layout in GRs would also be nice. Let me fish the keys rather than have to open/close a rift. That is all I can think of off the top of my head.

D3 is done. There will be nothing new added.

But, here’s some more “food for thought”: You can craft Follower Amulets at the Blacksmith, under his Armor tab. Why isn’t this the Jeweler’s job? (Rhetorical question).

And, before you say: “Follower Specials are not Amulets” :

d4 bad.

dont you infect d3 with bad.


I most definitely agree with you on this one.

D3 is in maintenance mode with recycled season themes, enjoy.

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and it’s still better than D4 s3.

This. Whether you guys like it or not, the current Diablo game that will be getting regular and big updates will be Diablo 4 and Diablo Immortal.

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i mean, the last major D4 patch being season 3 was a huge disaster and everyone hated it. so i’ll stick with recycled fun themes here on D3.

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I had S30 completed in the first weekend. I will let others deal with the cheater boards.

Ahh, I guess I didn’t make it clear that I had no delusions that we would ever see these. Just more of a wish list than anything.

Really? You of all people defending D3. Sorry, but I have to give props to the few things they have done right in D4. It is not all bad.

I think you are wrong…
I think theres more players ok diablo3 than 4.