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" Hello,

This is an automated message from Diablo 3 Forums to let you know that your forum account has been temporarily silenced due to a violation of our Code of Conduct.

While silenced, you won’t be able to reply or create topics until the penalty expires.

It’s important for us to provide a civil and friendly environment on the forums, where all players can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts with each other. Additional policy violations may receive penalties of increasing severity up to and including a permanent ban from the forums.

If you would like to contest this forum action, please submit a Customer Support request."

So I’m trolling posting on these forums?

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If you believe that your account was erroneously actioned, you are welcome to contest the infraction by contacting our Customer Support department.

However, we don’t permit discussion of moderation actions on the forums (per the Code of Conduct linked in the very post you made; really do advise reading that)—mostly because they have a habit of turning into baseless speculation and potentially open people up for sharing personal information, which we don’t want to encourage. This isn’t the place for that discussion, and I highly advise you use the appropriate channel for such inquiries.