These are probably the beta dates

Closed 6.8.
Open 20.8.



No i wont stop crying and now i will start crying here about your post being wrong REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

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I don’t get it? You have give us three entirely hypothetical dates and then tell us to stop crying and spamming. You need to explain this one to me.


when did they say any thing about anopen beta? iknow thereis aper order one

And where did you read that ?

There will be two phases. But that’s something, which has been announced before, so nothing special about the OP knowing that.

Although I have no idea, if this is just trolling, I have to assume, these dates are completely made up. We will simply have to wait for news or the closed beta to begin.

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I love how the beta starts around the time where I go out of town for vacation for a week when I never take vacations, lol…

I’ll be taking my laptop though for sure.

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Where is this info about an open beta from? I sure u can show itbor something.

There is currently no Alpha or Beta testing for Diablo II: Resurrected. Players who preorder the game will gain early access to the open beta test taking place in August on supporting platforms. Customer Support cannot grant Alpha or Beta access.

3:34 pm… 3:35 pm… counting, still possible today, not likely, but possible! 3:36 Pm…


Can’t remember and I was too lazy to look it up. But in the thread, I posted, the blue post confirms the two phases. And these (as I recall from another source) are closed and open beta.

early access august 32nd, public beta august 40th knowing blizzard

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its not cb and ob. its stress tests.

I bet it will be 2nd half of August

wow thats like tomorrow

Almost, but no.

As Legend stated, it is going to be announced on August 10th. Then Early Access on August 13th and Open Beta on August 20th. Even earlier was announced that beta will be in two separate weekends, and that’s it :wink:

17-Aug - release of beta for Xbox according to yesterday’s Microsoft store. Today they removed this information.

edit: so maybe PC will get close beta on the weekend 14-15
Thanks blizzard for no information at all.

Yeah I know, but I bet it’s only a pre-load start date and every alpha/beta starts on fridays to reach the most of the players for stress test.

17.08-21 is when beta starts according to Microsoft.

Like I said :wink: Just announced on main website

Pre-order for early beta access AUGUST 13–16.