[Theory] Auction House in RoS

The worst thing is the fact that even true D3 fans (like I) became ones which suggestions are reminded another fans D2 fans. This happens due to the fact that devs do not hear their fans and do not provide big amount of useful updates like PoE devs doing.
The last fail with WC3: Reforged is one more evidence of this simple fact.

I can say even more - all useful info is in the first post of this thread.

You already said that plans are dropped now with non 100% probability, i.e. by random. Which is bugged. :wink:

Exactly, it is in existence now (there is confirmation of this moment by one of blue ones; in bug-forum). For example, for the normal difficulty - you forgot about it, of course, when you wrote again about “rain of legs”.

This means that there are bugs in the game which are not fixed during very big amount of time. Moreover, there is a pity timer (bug with drop due to random or something else). Hence, it can be problems, say, with obtaining needed top primal + there is not 100% guarantee to obtain it by one current player even in the case of true (not bugged and not pseudo) random. So I do not understand what we argue about.

This is enough for them - the top place on rankings.
Moreover, some of them are streamers which make real money on their streams and their place on rankings does big matter.

Nope. I said only that if you are even right, it is not problem at all. I gave you already my understanding of random, so I have big doubts that such botters will obtain (using their bots) enough number of top primals to recompensate loosing of their account and buying one more (D3+RoS+AH-addon+perhaps, necro-pack).

You can’t explain 2 simple things: 1) for what purpose they will be appeared if there are no restrictions; 2) how exactly ones will transfer legs they traded. These are the main things which will expain for you the evident moment - you are wrong.

No problems. They can just do not use AH. What is the problem? :smile:

In which they already introduced trade.
I see that they have some problems with their logic and their promises.

Really? And where exactly you provide info about these holes? :smile:

From 2 of us, only I tried to solve problems of AH and to understand what is wrong with it. While will I must to ignore facts? Only AH-haters now demonstrated their blinding. So - in the case of test of AH - if you will right I admit this FACT (moreover, I already suggested to remove my Blizzard-account in that case and I still hold such my suggestion). But I have very big doubts that you or other AH-haters will admit their wrongness if I will be right (just because neither you nor other AH-haters did not suggest removing of your Blizzard-accounts in such case, though - by your words - AH will be never returned).

It is impossible (closing and deleting of this thread).
It is just one more dream of AH-haters, no more.

If something is a 100% guarantee drop and it isn’t dropping that is a bug on a guaranteed drop, not a random percentage like the 60% chance to upgrade gems. There at least 40% chance to fail that you never leave regardless of how many failures or successes you get in a row. Again a bug on a guaranteed drop doesn’t make it random. That would be like saying people that suffer a bug on the guaranteed primal drop for clearing a GR70 for the first time in seasons or non on a new account or region makes it random instead of guaranteed. No, a bug doesn’t change what the developers want it to do. It makes it work contrary to what it is suppose to work, you know it is not working as intended.

Who bothers to play in normal difficulty. While leveling you are either hard, master or T1. Now if you have someone carrying you, you might be able to slip it to T6. As long as you don’t get killed and can stay close enough to reap all of the experience.

Now we get to the whole point you are arguing that since there are some bugs in some small sections of the game that no one cares about that means everything is bugged huh. Well no it isn’t, because if it were then we would see all sorts of craziness that you couldn’t even dream of. Things like primals unlocking long before GR70, maybe as low as GR1.

Oh so their sponsors pay them more money when they get rank one huh. Oh wait their supporters also probably pay them extra for that rank right. I don’t think so, more so when the streamer is botting himself/herself, like the few cases that the streamer that was botting and forgot that they were still streaming and went afk while their character was still doing something. I don’t think that sponsors nor their supports pay so that streamer can bot all they want.

What at most $50 to get a new account to get back to where they were before. I highly doubt that for those that would be botting to sell items for real money that would be a huge expense. Don’t know what a bot would cost, I guess it depends on the quality of the bot and what it can do for you. If the cost did rise to $150 total for the game, packs and AH addon then they still might be able to easily make that back within the first day or two of hitting level 70.

After all if risking your account by botting isn’t enough to deter players from botting then that has to mean that the cost of getting a new account and another bot is small relative to what they get for botting.

The purpose is to make money off of the items that they sell. How do they transfer I explained it already. The one doing the buying makes a deal with the ones that will be doing the selling at the website. Then all they have to do is match item per item according to how they list the items. When they match the consumer of the item paid for with real money gets his item (s).

It would be like saying I want a primal Yang’s for a DH. Website X has what I want. Then we agree that I will trade a junk Dead Man’s Legacy non ancient for the perfect primal Yang’s. Now if you say well it has to be primal for primal. Then the agreement would be to trade a junk primal Haunt of Vexo for the primal Yang’s. Then when we post our items in the AH however it works I would get the Yang’s and they would get the Vexo and Blizz wouldn’t be the wiser.

I think you are beginning to see the problem. If you are saying that it has to be top primal for top primal then there is another hole in your thinking. In order for it to be made that way the devs would have to put into the system all of the different possible versions of a primal that would be considered a top primal. That is right for every legendary item in the game and for all viable builds with that primal. That could mean a lot of different versions and when you factor in the fact that they will always be looking for ways to include more viable builds then those new items or revised older ones would have to be added. That is something that is very hard if not nigh impossible to do for them. That means it won’t be made that way.

Yes we are all well aware of the fact that you see trade in any form as your deity. When in reality it isn’t your deity at all.

I have already told you about them but you are not listening.

It was a failed experiment that should’ve never been attempted due to the fact that MMOs, imo, are the only game that your deity fits. So if you need your AH deity worship go play an MMO and have a blast. Sure you can still play this game if you want to from time to time but till then stay with your deity in the games that have your deity.

No one’s account has to be removed at all. You are just using that as a tactic to win an argument. By trying that tactic you are hoping that I will jump aboard your little train to restore your deity. Well I won’t do that nor will I risk my or anyone else’s account because it isn’t worth it just to prove a point.

While I know that I don’t have the power to lock down and delete thread I know that the moderators do and be really careful of what you say because that can happen. It is almost like saying be very careful of what you wish for because you just might get it, no not the return of your deity. But the lock down and closure of this thread.

Very interesting that (seems) devs fixed this bug at last in patch 2.6.8.

We already have very small number of players of D3 (in comparison with ones of PoE).
Existence of such bugs can be one more reason of this.

Nope. Very simple: not top player = no sponsors = no money. :smile:

100% guaranteed drop of top primal for one day? Really? Very funny.

They just do not have problems with money. That’s all.

Step by step, please. In the case of AH with bounded to account items and without functional for 1-by-1 intersection and exchange items by this way. How exactly these two people will transfer the item you talking about. We - on our native sub-forum - already passed this moment, so I am sure that you do not understand one simple moment.

You forgot about gold that they should have to buy anything on AH. So these both players must at first to post their items on AH for some price. The top item must have very big price for that no one do not buy it (though you forgot about donaters that can still buy it before your second player will do this - one that paid real money for this item) and the second player must have somehow the gold to buy this item. I.e. the first player must - at first - to buy some garbage of the second player by very big amount of gold (price of top item) that this first player must have somehow. So you invent too hard scheme with Black Market while the second player can just buy for his real money gold for that to buy top primal on AH for this gold without any risks. Moreover, you, perhaps, forgot about the fact that anything can be solded only ones. Also it is unclear while one - that has top primal - must place it on the Black Market instead of just placing it on AH to obtain gold that can be solded for real money for donaters.
And yes, you described the hole of the trade without real money.

Nope. You again complicate things. I said you already - there is Market Laws that work perfectly in real life and - of course - they will work perfectly and on AH too. The true price of top primals will be obtained without any efforts of devs. This situation can be viewed easily on AH of classic (excepting cases when ones put legs with too low price and without redemption at the rate; now it is impossible - only redemption at the rate; and due to this fix any top primal will be solved always by its true price).

Yeah. I see this.

They can close thread iff it has very big violations of forum rules.
They can remove thread iff it was initially bad, otherwise they will not remove it.
They can’t close and remove any other threads just by wish of some players.
Very simple and evident things. As always. That’s why it is just dream of AH-haters.

Lol are wrace and shadow still going at it. Seems to me a personal thing :slight_smile: :neutral_face:

Yeah, and if I bothered to respond to that you’d no doubt say “I addressed that already, read the thread.”

So what’s the point of saying anything to you?

ok, I comment your post since ShadowAegis is disappeared (may be he do not have arguments anymore, may be he just tired), though now we (fans) have much more interesting thing to support or discuss:

Moreover, if we will have exactly such seasonal buff, we will have no time during season 20 to dispute in this thread about AH.

I mean the posts about its returning (in RoS), some of them are already removed with the old forum.

Facts are absence of the second expansion in D3 and trade in D4.

Again this strange position of AH-haters with words like “nobody”. The amount of likes of this thread (and of its original version of it on my native forum) show that your “nobody” is wrong. Absence of strong enough arguments against AH shows that AH-haters even do not know what moments of AH they do not like. Of course, they can’t explain this for other players and they perfectly demonstrated this moment in this thread (and in its original version too).

“Stupid” is to say that AH and trade are very different things with full impossibility to explain why is so. No one of AH-haters can explain this “big” difference yet.

Only your problems. Now there is hardcore and softcore and the difference between them (including visual difference in profiles and rankings) is the same as suggested for this ideal AH. And your “I will use AH because it gives simplicity” is the exactly the same as “I do not play on hardcore because of its permanent death of hero”. Moreover, if you will use AH if it will be introduced, your opinion against it does not matter at all - because you will use it anyway. Another very funny thing with AH-haters (they will not leave the game with AH - they will use AH, though they are against introducing of AH into the game; i.e. another great gift from AH-haters for me and devs).

That’s why I suggested exactly such version of AH when nothing will be changed and placed this moment at first place of this idea of ideal AH without bad things.

No problems. At least I try to do something instead of nothing.

Neither of which has anything to with an AH.

I said “nobody in their right mind,” not “nobody.” You either aren’t objective or weren’t around when the AH was. Or you’re nuts.

I know perfectly well what aspects of the AH I didn’t like.

I didn’t like the fact that drop rates were kept artificially lowered to force me into it. D3 was supposed to be a game about monster killing and loot hunting. The AH made it into a game of gold hoarding and buying upgrades instead of finding them yourself. And before you do, don’t bring up your nonsense version where you keep drops the same. It wouldn’t happen.

I didn’t like the fact that I was staring at a list of items instead of playing the game I paid for. And it’s not like I didn’t try and play that game. I’ve got Butcher run and Oasis runs and Act 3 Resplendent Chest farming memories galore.

I didn’t like the fact that I often couldn’t even get the item I wanted off the AH because it would be sniped at the last second, and having to resort to such tactics myself for anything I really wanted.

I didn’t like the fact that, due to aforementioned things, I didn’t really have anything to sell on the AH except rarely, and I was certainly never able to sell an item for anything near the maximum. I was forced to either upgrade little by little by selling off low-cost items until I had enough to buy what I wanted or attempt to play the AH itself - an activity that’s on par with watching paint dry.

I didn’t like the fact that people could buy their items on the RMAH, thus bypassing the loot hunt. They were punished for it when patches changed the power level of the game, but still.

Do you really need me to explain why shopping is different than buying things on Ebay? I would have thought you could figure that out by yourself.

Problems that many other players agree with.

Yeah, I bet there are no systems in your life that you have a problem with but use anyway.

What you don’t understand is that you can’t make an AH without bad things.

You just do not know what do you want: low droprates = bad, droprates as now = also bad. Like other AH-haters.

With this version of ideal AH it is not possible to do now.

It is just natural selection: “survival of the fittest”.
Do you want to have in the game (part of real world) something else?
Very naive position.

Or you forced to play in the game. I have no problems with the things you described on the AH of classic, though I did not farm AH for reselling of legs and did not donate.

Only your problem. What is more interesting for you - how do you play or how do others play? I am more interesting in the first, so I never had big problems due to existence of donaters. Moreover, now there are still donaters (botters) and devs can do nothing with them during many years. So nothing changed in your case.

It does not matter for devs at all. Remember botters.

Among games - no.
If I do not like many things - I do not play in such game at all.
If I do not like some things - I just do not use them. Without complaints.

I already did this. :wink:

I guess it wasn’t guaranteed after all but I have no way of knowing what their percentage is anyway. Besides what really matters is that just because one portion is bugged doesn’t mean it is all bugged, some are without a doubt still working as intended.

You have no way of knowing just how many players are still playing D3 worldwide. Blizz is the only one with that data. You might feel that way but it doesn’t make it so.

Also I wouldn’t doubt that PoE also has its bugs that hasn’t been fixed in ages as well. No game is absolutely perfect in every way without any long standing bugs. I haven’t played a single game that was like that at all.

You had better research what you are talking about before you talk about things like they are fact without any proof. More so if you have never been a streamer of any game before.

I ought to know because I just looked it up on google and google didn’t say anything about being number one on the leader boards as being the requirement of sponsorship.

Look when players know how to play the game in the most efficient way possible they will be able to climb back to where they were before. All they need to do is find the sweet spot to farm for primals. When they do that then it is all gravy, regardless of how many real days they take to accomplish it.

Not just not having a problem with money. The cost to get back to botting is small relative to what it was when the game launched.

Are you that dense, come on I explained it perfectly. How could it go over your head. Maybe a little simpler terms will suffice.

The buyer makes a deal with the ones at the website to trade item x for item y (buyer’s purchase). Then both use the AH as a one to one trade window by putting up the item along with the correct item that they are looking for to trade. They would also set the date that the trade would occur. Then the matchmaking portion of the AH kicks in and the items are traded.

Your OP said nothing about a gold listing price as part of the equation. Besides gold is worthless these days anyway. Your OP said item for item not item for item with a gold listing fee.

So you have abandoned your item for item AH deity right.

No your initial idea was item for item that is what I was going by. Now if you have dropped that idea then we are at least making some progress.

Having players set the price that they want for their items in gold isn’t gonna mean that each listing will be the true price. If you think that will happen then look at games like PoE. There are a lot of items on that PoE trading site that are not at the correct price. Some under others over, why else would players of PoE need an add-on that would help them know what the true price of an item is.

I was just saying what can happen. Antagonize the lion (moderators) and you might get bitten.

I haven’t posted in a while in this thread because of choice. I was busy doing other things. I actually do play in other regions as well. Also I was looking at the number one spot on the leader boards in all three regions and found something fascinating.

While it is true that botters do dominate the number one spot. Asia is the worse of the offenders with players that have played 1200+ hours during the season that is very close to 20 hours a day which would be impossible without botting.

Then in the Americas and EU I found that a few number one spots might actually be legit because they were under a 12 hour a day limit. I set 12 hours a day from here on out because it is the closest to 80 hours a week. I have heard in the past that there are people that have jobs where they do work up to 70-80 hours a week.

Now factor in that some people don’t have to work in order to get enough money to live on. There are a variety of reasons why they are able to do it. Some it is disability payments, others it is silver spoon in their mouth. Still others it is being a successful businessman or businesswoman.

They also play this game as well as others that work for a living.

Further I found on thing that might sound odd. Hardcore is virtually clean of botters. No don’t get me wrong I am not saying that legit players need to play hardcore in order to get a clean environment. No, I want one for the non hardcore environment as well.

Next add in the fact that I also play other games as well. Then add in one more fact that I was preparing myself for the PTR that is coming up. I am thinking about playing WD even though I do believe that the set might get hit with a bit of a nerf during the testing. But I do believe that it still will be a good set to play with during the next season. I will wait till the season hits live before making my final decision though.

Good you can give it a rest then and not bother making replies okay.

Blizz never promised to return your deity to this game nor will they do such a thing.

Your deity had nothing to do with the scrapping of the second expansion. That was due to the fact that the devs made major mistakes in the game itself that had nothing to do with your deity. Unless you really think that the presence of your deity was the reason we had a simple game with cartoony graphics then you are giving your deity more power than it really has.

You just want to ignore the arguments, explanations along with proof given.

I know you see your deity everywhere in every game that supports trading even though they don’t have your AH deity in it. Why even PoE has your deity in it because it supports trading.

There were those that didn’t use the AHs at all because the left when they were fully activated and didn’t return till the were removed.

You are just daydreaming to think that you can fix the problems of your AH deity. Sorry but it cannot be fixed no matter how hard your try. Nor will the majority of the players want it back.

In the gold AH I only sold gems. There were certain grades of gems that sold for a lot of gold. I just did that till I got my gold up enough to buy what I wanted from the Gold AH.

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He is just stating a simple fact that if the drop rates remain the same with an AH then the price of the items will drop so low that in time they would be vendor bait (FS bait more likely).

We know about “pity timer” - i.e. about “unintended” (by the opinion of devs, though it is absolutely intended behavior of pseudo random) behavior of random in the game without any info about fixing such “bug”. Also we know about cases (like one that was fixed, perhaps, in the patch 2.6.8) that can’t be fixed during very big amount of time. It is enough to have doubts about random in this game.

Rankings. Also data about bots (I know about existence of the site with their statistics). We do not know exact numbers of players D3, but we can easily interpolate numbers we need (some fans - and you too, as I remember, - provided such calculations and numbers).

It does not matter (problems with random), because PoE has trade.

I am about arguments for using bots by streamers. Of course, I know about another ways to increase sponsorship - for example, to be a girl or to be a pretty girl. In such case she does not need neither bots nor even top place in rankings. :wink:

Just ask someone about number of primals that can be collected by bot during one day or just ask someone about the address of the site with such statistics. After that return here and write: “I was definitely wrong”. Using of bots does not increase cardinally droprate of primals.

Some botters use up to 10 boxing bots simultaneously. Calculate the cost of hardware for this + the cost of such amount of copies of the game.


I said already - the main problem with AH-haters is the fact that they do not read the first post of this thread carefully.

You missed this moment:

other playes will fastly up the price of item to its true price.

I always consider their existence when I write my posts.
Also as I consider many aspects of AH before I created this thread.

Very good choice - to play in the game (or to do more important things) instead of to write something on the forum, especially in the threads like this one. :wink:

Why not? They can just play on one account by several humans.

Streamers can do this. Their stream = their work.

I also have plans to play WD in the season (on the hardcore) iff the seasonal buff will be adjusted as fans suggested in the thread I linked above (though I do not see any interesting in the new set for this class). Of course, I will play WD after I will play DH and Necromancer (by last two - on softcore, of course). And I will not play in the season 20 at all with the current buff because I will have exactly no changes for classes I like.

Good argument, but sometimes “small things have big consequences”. Like current buff of season 20. Fans suggested the simplest fix which has very big consequences (like popularity of season and activity of players during it).

Nope. In such case I would have very small posts.

I do not see “my deity” in the games without trade and AH at all. :wink:

We are about another AH-haters.

I fixed all these problems also because of absence of new holes of it that AH-haters can provide. No new holes = no problems. I.e. I really fixed all problems of AH. :thinking:

Yeah. I did the same thing. And now - in RoS - there are much more ways to do the same for making gold. At least for ones who have some problems with the drop and random.

We do not see this in the classic where droprate of legs was the same (higher) as droprate of primals now. Moreover, AH of classic does not have such strong limitation:

What are you smoking? I know perfectly well what I want. I don’t want extremes. Classic D3 was an extreme - a very low drop rate to force people into using the AH and RMAH. These days we have the other extreme where loot rains from the sky.

I’ve said multiple times that the drop rate was at its best right after the Reaper anniversary buff was kept. So I know exactly what kind of drop rate feels good, and you’ve got nothing.

Too bad your ideal AH is unrealistic and bad.

Are you nuts? How is it natural selection to win items based on whether or not Blizzard registers a mouse click in the final second?

I played plenty in the game itself. I’d bet I played more than you pre-RoS.

Actually, that’s why I don’t participate in the leaderboards. Cheaters have the advantage and always have.

If you truly don’t care about this, then you should be off playing pay2win games.

Doesn’t matter, we’re talking about players, and it matters for them.

No, you didn’t. You think you’ve got this great idea, but fail to realize that it wouldn’t work the way you’ve set it up because of other factors that have to be taken into account when you design a system. You’re designing your version of the AH inside a balloon, and unfortunately for you the rest of the world is filled with needles.

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Ah is not coming back. Get a blanket you guys. Why this post is active is beyond me.

Cigarettes, of course. :wink:
One you are talking about has no effect on me due to my great intelligence. :smile:

You forgot about primals (with your words about classic and rain of legs in RoS) - it is extreme. That’s why fans asked about AH and that’s why I provided ideal version of it for them (and for AH-haters too, of course).

Really? Look above. You are still wrong as before.

Yeah. As I said early already - one of the main problems with AH-haters is the fact that they do not know exactly what they want. Another main problem - the fact that have big problems with reading of the first post of this thread.

Very simple - one who is more quick (or sooner more clever) will win the item. Exactly, “natural selection” in action.
But it is not so big problem again, I just forgot to add such moment into the first thread, though I heard about it on our native forum. Fixed now. This:


And what is your problem in such case, if you played in classic MANY hours WITH its AH? I played 2k hours in classic (number from my profile which - as you know - do not count hours on AH, only in the game).

Strange logic, but my one also looks the same strange - I do not play in pay2win games at all. Also I do not play in MMO. In the first ones I do not play by such main reason - they have usually forced online while I prefer to modify games by myself. I made only one exclusion for the games with forced online - for D3 (just because I did not know then what it is in D3 - I thought that Blizz provided something like online in SC2). Of course, now - when I know exactly what it is forced online in D3 - I will not buy D4 (with its forced online) at all.

Really? Provide all these holes you are talking about. You will be first. :smile:

No problems. Take it. :smile:

I am telling you again that if your idea of one bugged must mean all are bugged would mean nothing is working as intended. And the devs have done the data mining and know that random is not bugged in every part of the game where random exist.

I was just providing estimates and what I think is possible. You have to remember if any bot site gives you how many legendaries per day have been found by botters. Then you cannot you would have to know how many legendaries per hour one botter can gain. Plus that botter would have to be doing nothing but farming legendaries, which is not likely due to the fact that when they do push the leader boards they turn off the bot.

Then you have to add in other players that are legit and I do believe there are a lot of legit players so that could mean that there are still millions worldwide playing D3 during the start of a season till around 2 weeks to a month into the season.

I was talking about bugs that haven’t been fixed in ages in PoE. That could even be other bugs other than random. It could be bugs in areas that have nothing to do with random drops.

There is like a guide on how to get sponsorship as a twitch streamer and it has nothing to do with ranking number one or any other top notch performance in any game.

Lets say that worldwide botters find around 2 million legendaries a day. That would mean that around 5,000 primals would be found. Multiply that by the days of a week and you will see how fast that builds up. Sure I might be using numbers that are higher than what would be normal.

But the whole point of it is that more botters would exist due to the ones that would be using the new AH deity of yours to sell primals for real money. All they have to do is make the deal of how much gold, or what items that they want for the item that the buyer buys.

You keep forgetting that you can always change the goalpost by editing your thread. That is no problem at all for one like you or anyone else for that matter. I still stand by my statement of what I did see in your first post was item for item. Besides like I said the likelihood of players trading with gold is not likely to happen. Gold is worthless, players can amass a lot of gold within a short period of time.

Plus anyone trying to sell primals for real money wouldn’t want to sell them for such a high gold price that they wouldn’t be able to move the primals fast enough because the farmers would find them faster than they can get them sold. So the ones selling primals for real money would price them a lot lower.

But still that isn’t gonna handle the item for item or your other moving of the goalposts of anything for anything.

Again you will have some items that will be lower and others higher than the true price. It happens all of the time when players set the price of the item.

I know that you don’t like what I have to say.

I had to take another look at the seasonal buff and now I know better. There are still only three legendary powers in the cube. I have an idea which three that I will be using but I will have to find out how good the testing goes not only during the PTR. But also when season 20 hits. Because I still will cube all items that was on my original list to see which ones will give me the most benefit for what I am wanting to do in season 20.

I just hope that D3planner updates its site to allow me to see the differences in the items that I intended on using. That might help out a lot to see the differences in damage and toughness.

You are blind so you cannot see the holes that you cannot fix. All anyone has to do as a buyer of gear for real money is make a deal with the one that he/she is buying from. Then use the AH deity as a one to one trading window.

It gets more interesting if you can not only use gold but trade item for item. Then you will see all kinds of trading going on.

Look even with only one time sell it still will mean that the market will get flooded with new primals with the current drop rates.

Fans never asked for an AH, Jay and company added on into D3 without fans begging for it.

So you are using Blizz’s quote of you don’t know what you want. So to twist it to your ends you are saying you AH deity haters want the AH back again. Look we know what we like and what we hate. Haters will not be wanting back something that they would hate. That makes no logical sense at all.

Look I have already told you of your holes so really if he says anything that I said earlier then he is not the first one to say it.

Really? Provide proof of this (direct quote of their words). They already shown their “skill” of analyzing data (for example, their table of classes in the article about patch 2.6.8). They even do not know what exactly they analyzed. :smile:

ok. 35k primals in a week by ALL bots. Say, 500 useful primals and 20 top primals amongst useful ones. For millions (by your opinion) players. NOTHING.

For that purpose there is the number of editions of the post, the direct quotes from it in this thread and blue ones that can confirm the absence of the changing goalpost of the first post of this thread. No problems at all.

ok, if you do not trust me and can’t ask blue ones, I will provide to your the screenshots of the Edition History of the first post: https://yadi.sk/d/hlhXaAc90feEOw. And what will you say now? Photoshop? :smile:

Read carefully the first post of this thread.

Your dreams, no more.

Yep, some deviation from the true price. Not problem at all.

Nope. I like. When I do not like something, I just ignoring this at all.

Yes, exactly.

Nice suggestion. I do not know why fans did not do this yet.

It is impossible (to use AH as 1-to-1 trading window), hence no holes.

Nope. Trading for gold is allowed to see the true price of any items with no efforts (just look the price of such item on AH). Direct exchange of items 1-by-1 is required to know and remember the real “price” of all items in the mind. Very bad practice.

You can’t show this even with your “big numbers” of primals by bots.

I am about RoS, of course. Do not be simple, please.

Your and his “holes” are either not holes at all or already fixed holes. :wink:

They wont bring back the AH in this game. They took it away for a reason.

I am sure that if you visited and posted on the older forums you would know that Blizz has said that the 60% is working as intended. They would know if it is off and would fix it. Also the randomness of other things would be drastically off as well. Why even our damage would be suffering wild spikes of wet noodle to one hit knockout that would defy all reason. The same would happen as far as the damage of the monsters. Sometimes we would suffer a character death on normal even though a person has a full six set with a full 50% damage reduction.

In order for me to know what would truly be useful I would have to go through each and every primal that I get from now on in order to study it for accuracy.

The trouble of it is though that botters botting for primals wouldn’t pick up non primal gear. They would program their bots just to pick up primals. The other gear wouldn’t matter at all because it won’t make nearly as much money as primals would.

Sorry but I won’t install another program on this computer just to see your link.

But to price primals in the true window of how hard they are to find would mean that the chances of players having the gold needed would be beyond what anyone could afford. So those items wouldn’t get sold. No items sold then the prices come down the next time those items get sold. Oh wait the items that were posted are FSs. Because IIRC you said that you can only post items once.

No reality, because there would be more people that would play D3 and bot to sell primals so that 35k a week would actually be higher more likely close to 100k a week. You are talking about making a lot of money and people will do it if they think that they can get away with it.

Let say you allow item for item trading. Then player A makes a deal with website B for a perfect primal Yang’s (doesn’t need a thing changed on it). Where player A will give him primal Haunt of Vaxo and maybe even have the stats listed if it goes that far. But a junk primal Vaxo wouldn’t likely be someone else would have so the player puts his junk primal Vaxo up for the perfect primal Yang’s and he gets the Yang’s. I don’t see how that isn’t like a 1 to 1 trading window.

Now if you are saying that instead of anything for anything it is gold only. Like returning the Gold only AH then it is a different story. But I don’t think you are saying that at all.

So are you abandoning your idea of anything for anything and make your AH deity a Gold only AH deity?

First of all I will repeat what I said earlier in this reply. There will be a spike of botters botting for primals to sell. Plus you would have some regular players that would find primals as well. Putting the power of millions of players worldwide would mean that you would find a lot of primals in a short period of time. Then after weeding out the junk the really good ones would still mean there would be millions in a short period of time.

You were the one basically saying that fans didn’t know that they were asking for your AH deity even before D3 launched.

Those holes that either I or he mentions are ones that you cannot fix.

Really? Where are the fixes for DH and Necromancer? No? Nice.

It is just bugs, no more. I know about existence of one such bug in the case of WD during many years without any fixes. And this bug has nothing common with random at all. Just bug.

Proofs, please. Moreover, I said already - these your problems with bots and their profit are only your problems, no more. Especially because they will provide additional items for AH and primals do not provide too much profit for rankings. So all your problems are not problems at all. :woman_facepalming:

What program are you talking about? You need just browser. :woman_facepalming:

Not post. Sell. :woman_facepalming:

Dreams. Only dreams. Without any tests. To see this fact.

I do not allow to do this. Because it is HOLE.

I said exactly this. Gold only AH with possibility to buy / sell gold for real money. Without 1-to-1 trading window at all. Only AH. 1-to-1 trading window is NOT part of AH at all.

I quoted to you the moment below already twice.

Reread this moment so many times while you will understand what I said here.

You are wrong. For that to provide top primals for all (millions) players you must obtain exactly the same number of such top primals as number of all players multiplied by the number of legs they need (say, by 13 - the number of slots of gear). And all your tricks and dreams can’t change the simplest fact that 1 primal is dropped on 400 legs on average and 1 top primal is one of some amount of all primals, so - for that to obtain tens millions top primals - someone must farm the amazing number of legs and your bots can’t farm legs in millions times effectively than players because their maximal effectiveness is in 10 times more (not in millions times more as you think). And you always think that all these millions players will farm legs only for you one. The set of mistakes of AH-haters lead to their full misunderstanding of AH.

Nope. I did not say this.

Really? Vocalize them. :smile:

Just because you refuse to see them because of your own hubris doesn’t mean they don’t exist, champ.

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