The WW dragging power really needs to be persisted

It makes the build so much more fun to play. It’s actually hard to touch a non-seasonal barb after seeing how much more fun the build could be.

I feel like adding it to the Bul-Kathos blades set bonus would be the easiest/best way to go. It fits the set thematically would give that set some much needed love – while enabling multiple whirlwind/rend barb play-styles moving forward (BK being the fast/auto drag solution, while istvans/captains retains the damage/toughness edge but requires more micro managing)


I like the idea to add this power to BK set. Great for farm and speed runs, also works fine with zDPS for group play. In the same time Istvans can still be the best choice for push runs.


I wont be able to play WW after this season. There’s no going back to the old way.


I am all for the new play style as is allows for a new build as the meta. That is the one you can view me wearing at rank 2. May be higher later today as I will be pushing. Couple things to note. If the power was placed on Bk weapons the meta would be to use BK weapons. This power creating density all the time makes it stronger then anything istvans gives you. Seconds place I think is a possibility is to place it on skull grasp. There is already a post about placing the HOTA power on it. IF the ww power was placed on skull grasp it would replace COE and it would no longer be used. I did extensive testing with crismon/bks/bom and cleared a 125-130 in the same night all less then 50 keys combined at 1400 paragon. I am now wearing crimson/istvans/COE which is the meta in season.

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I love the idea of placing it on skull grasp to get rid of CoE. I hate how every single build in this game uses CoE.

Maybe something like Skull Grasp causes whirlwind whirlwind to drag and increases whirlwind damage by 1200%. Add a little bit of whirlwind damage back into the build at the same time.

Although personally I think the BK weapons are more fun to use so I am also for the BK blades being meta picks, the extra speed is just way more fun. Though maybe if SG was buffed to make actual whirlwind damage significant again, the IAS on BK would automatically accomplish that.

Yep either place the meta would be to use BK’s. The difference is whether COE is used. You would be able to change your battle rage rune to into the fray for huge density damage. As long as you have perfect cooldown, hardcast rends allow for IP to come up perfectly with the iron hide rune. This would not be possible in non season as spear and stomp make the non crimson build the meta.

Actually if they put it on skull grasp players would have to decide between BKs or istvans just like they do now in season. The difference being istvans buffs vs bloodfunnel+into the fray


There is no reason for that, there is a skill fits perfectly: Hurricane, that’s is where it belongs.

Hurricane rune change is an option. But it is the last place we want it. Lets look at the 3 options and what it would mean to the builds.

Skull grasp-Would directly replace COE in most situations. All builds would stay intact except for the ring change. I believe a select few would still use COE for rank 1 pushes when fishing thousands of keys.

BK’s- Would make istvans blades no longer used ever in any version of the build. You now run bloodfunnel+into the fray and come out relatively even.

Hurricane rune- Would force all builds to run this rune. Istvans and bloodfunnel would no longer be an option. Also since you lose the option of bloodfunnel that also removes the potential of using into the fray or a crimson+COE build which is possible in season.

So just looking at this I would choose BK’s as the desired location.

As we all know SG is dead. I don’t think said change is the proper route to go to bring it SG back to life.

This makes a single item too OP. Removing “choice” is not the Blizzard way.

Not necessarily, some players love RF and would still be a viable option.

IB’s would totally still be an option. Here’s a build I created using IB’s w/ Hurricane:

It’s a game of give and take, we can’t have our cake and eat it too.

The above build in the video also uses crimson+COE minus BoM.

up to 135 with rend. got a crazy band of might with 20 AD, 50 CD and 5.5 CHC. not ancient but who cares. also got some quad gloves. the loot this season is insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane. ty ww power!

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Awesome job!!! Keep it going. Curious to see how low paragon someone can get a 150 with rend this season. You might want to try going crimson/coe like me.

I agree with this completely. Inspect my gear rank #3.

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I tried the captain bloodshed before I got geared. Then I got a killer ancient lam (150) and that goofy BoM. Can’t show off my bling with CC!

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