The Try Free Option

Have been trying to get some of my gaming buddies into Diablo 3.

Just saw the “Try Free” option, anyone have details on what that is?
Is it like the old school D3 demo where you can play to the Skeleton King?

ps. miss the old school hard diablo 3 grind…

Yes the very same up to Skele King

Yes. It is the Demo that lets you play a class up to level 13 and the skeleton king quest.

Also, if they buy the game they can continue where they left off. They may have to go to the quest list in the menus before entering a game and select the last quest they were on.

Demo does not allow play with people who own the game though so you can’t join them, keep that in mind.

Oh that does kinda stink… about not getting to join them when i own the game

It is more to keep free spam bot accounts from pestering people who own the game to advertise things. It was more of a concern when the Auction House existed, but still.

You can chat on discord or something maybe? If they have questions they can ask. It is more to make sure it runs on their PC and that the basic gameplay is reasonable for them.

Have them take a good look at RoS. Adventure mode and all the new zones, class, regular rifts, greater rifts, etc make it a MUCH better game than the base game.

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Yep @ROH, I suppose for first time players I should atleast force them to play through the story campaign though, kinda have to for new Diablo Players

I have mixed feelings about it. You do need to play through Campaign once to unlock Adventure Mode. I think it is worth it to take their time and enjoy.

However, if they get RoS and want to do Seasons instead - Adventure is unlocked in that by default. The Seasons Journey milestones also do a fantastic job of “making” you do all the RoS game features so someone does learn about it.

Might be fun to jump straight to seasons, get that class set, and play any format they want. They can play the Campaign OR they can do Adventure mode Bounties and Rifts to level.

Just remember when Season ends if they still have not done the Campaign their char will be locked out of Adventure Mode non-season.


One last question, can we get a party of 4 going with the demo version, or its single player only?

I never tried. Normally social features are disabled in demos but it might be possible.

Google tells me that yes, you can do multplayer with others who have the Demo. Demos can play with others who have the demo. You would need a new Bnet account to put it on though. It is one D3 license per Bnet account.

You can have multiple Bnet accounts in your legal name. It just requires a different email that you control.

I have wondered about this a few times. I have tried to get my fiancé into the game before, twice. But she is more of a proper RPG fan so she just gets bored of the campaign. But with how I talk about the way adventure mode works every now and then like explaining the grind and how you look for specific gear and stats and all those fun things and showing her a few proper builds she sounds quite interested.

Would it be worth it to just say OK skip the campaign and also this is how you level (or just powerlevel) and then go full on guidey mode?

Just my humble opinion, for what it is worth. I discourage power leveling new players who are just starting out. Leveling is how players learn how to play - if ‘poof’ they are suddenly level 70 they miss out on many of the intricacies of how skills, items, quests, rifts, bounties, etc. work together, that you learn during the leveling grind. Let them learn on at least one hero first. Once they are comfortable with the play mechanics and such, power level at will.

Again, just my opinion. I made mistake of power leveling a new player once, and not to sound mean, let’s just say it was not a fun experience. All he ever wanted after that was to have everything given to him.


OK yeah that is correct. Powerlevelling would be a bit much. Some help and guidance should be fine though. So like how many of us learned basic things by going on youtube basically (Rhyker’s basic guide to affixes per item slot was the best thing ever). And things like try this skill instead of that boring one you have or combine these two etc

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Got my two friends to do the demo (i had to download the demo aswell, you cannot join them without a trial version) and they loved game, we are now all level 70, went through the campaign on Torment1/Master

And they are ready to start grinding and working on gear/builds.

No power Leveling, No help from outside sources, just us grinding and testing out skills with my guidance.

Has been super fun and they are hooked.


Most excellent. Good luck and happy hunting!