The Tomes of Deckard Cain

The Tomes of Deckard Cain

A work in progress, from the following people. ShoRim, Doine, Dunstan, DeToX, Aeon, Lolli42, GreatSCOTT

I am gathering information form posts that have been on a similar train of thought.

I will leave others to add their contributions as it will be easier for them to do so, then I will add them as needed to the top part of this post.

So as I see it at this point the Tomes of Deckard Cain can have a Bestiary as well as Hell/Demonic, Heaven/Angelic and Sanctuary/Ancestral Powers, the Learning of skills, unlocked Plans a World Map as seen by the character using it Fog of War type of thing and whatever else the Devs see fit to put here.

This should be easy to bring in as lore friendly as well as when leveling.

This could be used as a base for many things not just the above items general Lore of the whole Diablo Universe, D1, D2, D3 and any new lore they wish to add.

I’ll list topics then add chapters as we see the relevance.

Bestiary this one could become large so maybe we keep it as small as we can

Skill tags and the way we can Learn them or the Nephalem tree

Hidden Places and Items

Hell/Demonic, Heaven/Angelic and Sanctuary/Ancestral Powers

Unlocked Plans

World Map using a Fog of War

whatever else the Devs see fit to put here.


The different monster families. There will be things that we learn as we level about the lower creatures of these groups and as we grow we find out more, this part would just come from the interaction we have with them, if you kill them fast you may not see some of what they are capable of. The completionist in me is coming out or is that just OCD. lol.

As for the Families themselves we can add minor points in time.

The fallen basic Grunts, but the Shaman have the ability to resurect their fallen friends some say that master Shaman can do this to many with but one jesture.

Skill tags and the way we can Learn them or the Nephalem tree

The idea of leaning from your obisvation of mobs and tomes about how to tweek skills so as you gain a small % chance in an infinite progress system, of changing the way a Spell/Skill works.

If done correctly only small boost in power by changing the effect of one spell/skill and it’s lore friendly.

Hidden Places and Items