The Rogue is back!

I love it, except for the weird multi-arrow-shot animation. It’s not, like the rogue had some magic going on, so why not just giving her a multi shot? Don’t like the style of the shot, it literally gave me D3 feelings. I had to watch the rest of the cool stuff twice to unsee the D3 in there


so EVERY character in d4 is the same as the past games… And they complain the movies don’t come up with something new/ / /

Hmm. I watched more gameplay of the Rogue and she actually doesn’t look that fun… and I normally like ranger type characters. It seems like they used the demon hunter as their main inspiration though and I never enjoyed it in D3. Hopefully the 5th class is more appealing.

I think i will be a Hell lot of Fun

But at the Moment Im more concerned about her ´Combo-Specialisation.
It might look like the dullest so far, but with an Upgrad of the Combopoints via Talenttree (up to 6 or 8 Points instead of 3) and some Runes, combined with a lot of IAS and Combopoints per Crit, this could easily become a nobrainer, where you can always use you max. empowered Skills, instead of mastering a specific Playstyle.

All in one what I have seen in all the past quarter updates and also in the new class cinematics of DIV blizzcon…nothing of that bring me a feeling of high interesst.
Maybe 2017/18 I had say yep I like it…but now mehh, its the same procedure as every diablo content/game in the last decates…it needs so long time to beginn/create it and then its absolutly nothing high quality or special or maybe unique. Its solid but not more…

Or can me someone of you say what in the hell of devils was the thing what believes you to say: “this…this is holy cool, I have not seen this before…DIV will be take the arpg to a modus where the other games need big input to come near to the line (or something like that)…”.

We had 2 chars from DIII and 1 from DII…of course we get as the 4th class next DIII class…wth
I would like to see 2 x DIII/ 2 x DII / 1 x completly new inspired char…come on devs and take in some creativity and leave the c&p methotics in all way! Or do they create a Diablo 2.5…I thought diablo IV!

What is with the talent tree, what is with the items, the skills and all the important deep core aspects of the game…this is important and need some cool inspiration not a horse where I can ride to the next enemy now…
All I had seen from the talent tree was old school themes and in a quantity I need 5 mins to read all input and see 50 % of all possibilities of ways to play the char from skills…wow -.-
With that you will not win some kind of any wooden bell in the year 2022/23…really not!

Sorry for the hard words but after all the (long, long) years where the diablo franchise was hold like a bitter sweet rotten Orange in the fruit basket of blizzard, I have now some kind of claim and I will no more pick up the average content and ask me to celebrate this like hell.

I come to the decision:
I like the diablo franchise but I could do without blizzard now.

(Sry for my bad, faulty and old school english)
Good loot…

Warrior Class is crying in the corner. But I always felt that the warrior in D1 was very generic and should just be called the Templar.

There is a Warrior in Diablo IV. He’s called Barbarian.

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And still has the same Problem :wink:
If i wanne take a walk, i grab the Dog.

But the Warrior / Babarian, needs also some Movementskills.
Let it be a Charge / Intercept or anything else.
But something to close the Gap, as he has to be in melee Range, same as the Soso has to keep her Distance with her Teleport.

If we have to separate Crusader/Paladin, Sorc/Wizard, Rogue/Zon/DM into separate classes, then it isn’t all that far fetch to separate Warrior/Barbarian.

Give us the warrior!

Only some very few of her skills have been revealed yet, so Multishot is likely gonna be revealed sooner or later, especially since it is such an iconic skill.

The skill that currently was revealed is Arrow Barrage iirc, which summons a few Shadow Archers to your side which also fire arrows. It is not exactly Multishot per se,

Charge, Leap, Sprint, even Whirlwind to a certain degree and also Frenzy.

Yeah right, I was talking about this exact shot, “Arrow Barrage”. I didn’t want to say, I want multishot badly. Rather I want to say, Arrow Barrage looks bad to me for a rogue. just don’t like the summons



I still think we also need some more info for the traps, as well how she shall perform within her melee-combat …

sure …
you´ll hate me …
but i think we can still get some more out of this ripoff
After all … its quite familier :wink:
(and its just one subclass …)

Charge would be the only real one …
everythink else :joy_cat:

Slowmotion-Leap , a Sprint or faster Run/Walk vs. Dash or Teleport ?
Are you serious ?

Doesn’t has to be slow-motion Leap, it can and should be a fast Leap that has a strong impact animation and leaves the earth cracked for a few seconds… and it also should have 3 Charges (not like D3’s Leap with Lut Socks, but like Dashing Strike from the Monk).

Me as well. I would like to have both Arrow Barrage and Multishot in D4.

I just hope that Multishot in D4 shoots actual arrows like in Diablo 2 and not something like a singular field like in D3, where the arrows are just one single mass instead of actually arrows.

I also would like that the arrows from Multishot are being ordered in a more “spiky” way / formation, because it imo looks a bit cooler:


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But then … Why a Leap ?
Why not just something, thats indicate some explosive Powers, like a Shildbash or a Charge, where you are taking the Risk to overcome not only the Distance, but deal also some extra-Dmg in exchange for something :slight_smile:

A “Jump” itself, takes time …

There is nothing powerful or explosiv in it, rather then on the Location, where you start of.

Why not both?

Or put the Charge on a Paladin / Crusader / Templar as their movement skill.

Sure, I have to admit that I am biased, because I just like Leap.

It depends on how fast you make the animation to play out.
In D3 it plays out rather fast and the impact has a lot of… impact.

I personally just love that skill and would take it anytime over Charge, especially if it had 2 or 3 Charges instead of a Cooldown.

As a “Lover” of this Kind of Fantasy it might be hard to convince you ^^

But the Action itself …
There is no explosiv Action in it, like a Jab forward with your Shild to crush the Nose of your Apponment or the Charge forward to block a strike and than kick his Knee.

But this giant Leap, wich would resault in this gigantic Mass …
Its like as if you have to Channel your Energy first, to jump over a Wall of Enemys.
More as if he might see something and just dashing through them, bounding them left and right aside, while ignoring them Hits :slight_smile:

It just doesnt feel as explosive, as engaging and rewarding :slight_smile:

Yep. She looks identical. Same off-the-wall style of abilities, same ridiculous flashing numbers, same non-skill shots. I’m actually super disappointed. The Rogue makes D4 look like a D3 reskin.

I mean, I like the Barrage for being mechanically different than multishot, but I wish they get rid of the summons. That’s such a boring and generic animation IMO and is used inflationally also with classes, where I don’t even understand, why summons should appear.

Rly …
And here i was asking, where are thus Subclasses, that differeanciates this more frome other classes in therms of her spec

I see the summons as two things, either they are:

A). Spirits called to aid the Rogue for a coordinated attack. Similar to the Amazon’s Valkyrie skill, where she summons a spirit of a champion warrior to aid her.


B). Afterimages or illusions created by the Rogue’s speed and/or magic.

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