The PTR is for testing changes (nerfs) and season theme only

I’m probably not qualified to comment, as I’m a much older gamer, experienced in Diablo but not hard core and rarely trouble the leaderboards much.
I’ve read through the forums and fail to see why people can’t stay on topic. It’s all about testing changes/nerfs and the next season theme… see if you can break it.

Instead its full of why don’t they do this to this set, this set needs help etc and people seem to be missing the point…

1: Devs have stated their baseline is GR130 with 5k para
2: Also stated that not all sets in each class are meant to be able to do this

I wish it was different as my favorite is DH UE multishot, I have over 5k para and pretty good gear but in my hands it falls way short of GR130 and I accept that.
I thought that was the main idea behind leaderboards for each set in each class, so you have an opportunity to get close to the top in your favorite set rather than not making the top 1k in your class as they are all clones of each other using the top set for the class.

They failed with the no 6 piece leaderboard, that should be no set bonuses,
They failed with the changes to Inna’s set,
They failed with s23 as non season got the same equip the follower ability at the same time,
And they insult the players with the s24 “get all 21 ethereals or you don’t get to keep the transmogs” bullsh!t
Season themes should be out there, like the extra cube slot, but 23 is and 24 will be bland and it will end near the time Diablo 2 resurrected comes out and lots will leave D3.

So lets stick to the topic, point out all their failures with changes and point out s24 is looking like a non event as far as interest goes.

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That hasn’t been even remotely close to how live is for at least a year.

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  1. 130 at 5k paragon was too low even when they first said it considering I cleared 130 at p2200 with Blessed Shield two years ago in season 17.

With the follower improvement alone, all solo builds get at least a few higher GR levels boost for pushing (mostly due to free Nemesis Bracers and Flavor of Time). The GR130 at 5k paragon ship has long sailed, and developers pushed it themselves.

  1. I find this to be a very poor excuse for not updating certain sets.
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A lot of these ideas come from players that have been playing the game almost forever, have a good grasp of the game itself, theorycrafters that could literally tell you all the math and formulas behind damage calculations, etc etc. Imo, some / or even a lot of them probably know the game better than the current D3 Team themselves.

Almost everything thats suggested or wanted, in most cases it’s completely ignored. Classes get nerfed into oblivion, or way overtuned, and then never touched again leaving them in their current state. And instead of balancing out the class/builds the players actually love to play, the D3 Team decides to do off the wall changes / reworks / or new set that nobody even wants to play.

Shadow Impale for example, fairly popular DH build . Holy Point Shot was buffed with the +75-100% damage, but still fell way short of a desired goal to still make it atleast somewhat competitive. Even after numerous requests, even still to this day people are requesting it gets touched up…For what, I think 3 seasons now? The D3 Team refuses to allow it to be competitive.

And how have they done with that baseline so far? I just recently made a post on the very subject. They release a new set, or reworked set, and it’s clearing GR145-150, and they’ll nerf it into oblivion 2 seasons later.

They don’t need to try to completely rework class/builds to make the players happy…Imo, so far in most cases they haven’t been that successful in doing that anyway. They could balance the current builds in the game with number tweaks, bringing balance to the game and making all/most builds competitve with one another…And for what players the game actually has left, they’d probably be a lot more pleased.

Leaving the whole game out-of-balance. People have their favorite class to play, along with their favorite build to play. The D3 Team has this habit of forcing Flavor of the Month/Season builds onto the community…Not everybody wants or even enjoys this. I’m exclusively a DH main…Personally, I have no cares for playing FB Wiz or Bone Spear Necro, for the most part. I made a Wizard and Crusader this season only to gear up my followers easier. I’m not tryin to say everybody has the same mindset like myself…Regardless though, there are a lot of players that feel the same way.

I don’t think UE MS has had a buff since Captain Crimson set was introduced, I think in like S16-18 or somethin, I can’t remember. Even with 2.7.1 Patch / PTR / S24…They had an opportunity to make UE MS shine, but they neglected to put Discipline and Resource Cost Reduction onto the Windforce…

Or just like with Shadow Impale not being given a dagger. I dunno, just kinda shows how out of touch the D3 Team is with…D3.

Some players look at it as another way to be competitive. Some other players also look at it as a way to see the gaps between all the sets, and how out-of-balance, and how far behind they are.

Granted, PTR only lasts 2, maybe 3 weeks if we’re lucky if they extend it…But we haven’t even hit the whole first week yet. They haven’t released the 1st iteration of changes like they normally do. So nobody knows what’s going on with Inna’s yet. But you can bet there will be some changes to it in some form or another.

I don’t see how this was a fail personally…Most people weren’t happy because there was “No Theme” in general. Not a whole lot of people were really excited about the follower rework because it wasn’t all that impactful. Personally, I enjoyed it…I tested it quite a bit (somewhat) without using the “Cannot Die” token and trying to make them survive…Which they’re quite effective at doing if you put in the effort for it.

I don’t agree with this either. Even on PTR, I don’t feel the drop rate is high enough. Like many others have stated, getting Ethereals in S24 is gonna be a nightmare. Getting a good, useable, Ethereal with a high % legendary power and even a decent passive, along with high dps / dmg range is probably gonna be almost impossible to get.

I suspect the same. D3 has been leaning on a gimp leg for a while now, and it’s slowly giving out. D2:R will only make it worse for D3, and even if players get tired of D2:R…Who’s to say if they’ll return to D3 or not. I didn’t start playin D3 until S13 or so. But from what I hear, D3 failed in the beginning and had already lost a ton of players from it. And Blizzard just never redeemed themselves with major improvements to lure players back in.

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Nerf this statement. you may only call for nerfs in the ptr feedback

I found it odd at first that they introduced Ethereals because they’re not a consistent buff to every build and potentially worsen the balance. After a bit of testing I realized I like the concept because some of my favorite builds are performing better, but Ethereals definitely need to be tweaked a bit. There seems to be a lot of missed opportunity to buff underperforming builds (like MS, Impale). Maybe not into S territory, but even +5-10 GRs would be nice for the non S tier builds. A few tweaks like shrinking the legendary affix/passive ability pool to cater to these lower tier builds or adding a melee weapon for DH would be a huge improvement.
But then that’d be too balanced and I’d want them to be permanent. :grin:
Oh well, I’ve learned to embrace the chaos.
Edit: I guess it would be easier just to buff the actual weapons these builds use, but that’ll never happen because it makes too much sense.