The new Stone of Jordan

works well with the Patterns of Justice.
I replaced the obsidian ring with it
While it kills faster with all that extra elemental damage {106 atm} I also am dying more often. Will test further on the dying but sometimes it is a big one shot from enemies that concerns me. This happens in lower gr’s than I normally run (110 -115}.

DId you perhaps get enough CDR to compensate for the permanent epiphany that a zodiac was giving you ?

Also, getting shrekt in lower grs does not equate to works well.

correct, “works well” ought to have been replaced by “has potential”.
I continued to test it … tried many variants but finally settled on using the crimson set, while cubing the Stone of Jordan. That meant I needed to wear a rorg and choose between a coe, obsidian or a Unity ring. Finally went with a unity ring as the other choices left me too squishy.
Ended up with 90 elemental damage and used tr flurry of course as other choices were inadequate.
Managed to solo a 126 so far. The build is viewable in my profile.
Any suggestions would be welcome.
Also in comparison to my sunwuko setup and cold Tr setup it is 6 gr behind both of those (132 currently).

Curious if any non monk jordan builds are viable?

Imo you should wear jordan for xtra ele dmg. Imo with 5.5k para swk should be at 135+ish grift. Imo a jordan should get out of cc and use thundergods belt. But as you may see you will up ending on the ground :wink: could be something for a group style of play. Maybe even a storm eye can be used. But then you still need rorg and jordan and what? I hate the ring unity since you cant play group. Time to get a monk only ring and desert shroud with 80% reduction :slight_smile:

To Atomfurz … I agree with everything u said. Once I find a decent jordan I will wear it. But in all my monk hours I only found 3 decent ancient ones. A jordan with the element one needs still will often yield less damage in that element compared to a good rorg or unity. Sure one will get 20 extra of that element but the overall elemental damage will be less. So it would have needed imo a free socket with the option of getting the element and the elite bonus … then the player could search for one with chc and chd.

Obviously you need one with lightning, cc, socket. Why lightning? Since your wkl rolls lightning always. Then you need swk amu + bracers with lightning 2.
Compared to the standard swk tr build you lose coe (or crimson + rorg) which is dmg factor 3 (or massive dmg reduction lost) on any cold explo. You gain 45% (or with thundergods a bit more) additive dmg. The new CoE sounds to be a sorc only ring for e.g. Tal Rasha set

Fixed that for you, lol.

SoJ, CoE, … :wink: Thanks