The new sorceress graphics

Firstly, I’m all in for the remastered Diablo II, unlike most, I still play Diablo II, classic, mostly HC now, and as a 23 year veteran, having played diablo 1 on ps1 and cpu, I’m not ashamed to admit I have enjoyed watching those tiny little sorc legs flapping around like bird wings all over the screen, until now.

While nerding out on every available youtube video of the subject, I noticed immediately the sorceress is rocking a longer skirt. Obviously I have already pre-ordered the game, so it’s not a deal breaker, BUUUUT, I do believe it should be taken into consideration. I know the developers are working hard and doing a fantastic job of reanimating all the things, and doing a fine job of staying true to the game so it can be played “as we remember it” but I gotta tell ya, not being able to see those sorc legs flapping around in high definition will be devastating to me.


I agree. Keep the skin showed the same please.


it’s all of them, honestly. It’s pretty noticeable in Barbarian and Assassin too, since they start out wearing little armor.


Totally agree, fix the appearance and don’t come with all that sjw stuff in my game


Agreed, also keep the nip clamps on andy… Man she had me going in my teenage years. She used to love when i gave her the fist of heaven.

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