The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

Well, just the wardrobe, actually. It has a flaw with angelic weapons items. If you have a load out with your main hand as an angelic and another with your off hand as an angelic sometimes if fails to properly equip your angelic item on switch.

For my Barbarian with my Wrath load out I have the Bul Kathos weapons, one is primal, the other is angelic in my off hand. For my LoD HotA load out I have an angelic Remorseless and a primal Fury. When I go from Wrath to HotA the wardrobe fails to equip my angelic Remorseless, it leaves the primal Bul Kathos equipped. After equipping my Remorseless manually when I go back to Wrath it works correctly. If I change my Wrath load out to make the angelic my main hand weapon then the load out change works both ways. A minor but annoying issue.

It’s not really a bug, just the way the armory works. The items aren’t switched all at once, but are swapped one by one. Therefore, it can run into a situation where it is trying to equip an angelic item when another one is already equipped, and will fail since you can only have one equipped at a time.

BTW, it can happen in all builds when you are using different set items like F&R rings or Bul Kathos weapons.

To make it simple for myself I just always upgrade the main hand weapon.

Granted they should fix the issue, but for now that solution works for me.

As I said, it’s a minor annoyance but it does show they really didn’t think the entire concept of angelic items thru before pushing it out on the PTR.

I figure it’s the “can only wear one” bit that is causing problems. If that restriction didn’t exist, the armory would have no reason to malfunction on them. This is also why you can double try and get it to work, cuz it removes the exception then the second try succeeds.

I remember the hassles with Ethereal weapons a few seasons ago. I think it was a similar issue there. You’d think they’d have learned from that.