The GoD set is NOT as it seems

I am looking at the Leaderboards in softcore and I have noticed the same thing all the way down the line on the first page and more. Everyone of the players are getting higher than expected GR completions due to the Season 21 theme, especially the players who are using a ZDPS DH build, they are doing 150’s. The GoD set cannot possibly do close to the 130’s as is, it’s no where near tough enough to accomplish this no matter how good the player or paragon levels are. These players are all using the Season 21 Theme to clear the runs. Take away the theme and lets find out how good the set is under 2000 paragons, which is realistic paragon levels for 95% of the Diablo 3 players. Switch this to HC, and I see players doing over 110. How? This set is too weak offensively and defensively to accomplish this, instant proccing and or death starting in the mid high 90’s GR, guaranteed. They must be using the Season 21 theme, that’s the ONLY way they are clearing the GR without being killed. The times completing the GR’s are coincidently all around the same time, which leads me to conclude they are all using the season theme. The GoD set is NOT ready to be competitive with the other good class sets, so don’t let the You Tube and Twitch streamers fool you, Blizzard. Take this weak GoD back to the drawing board and make it right.


This is just false, if you check the non-seasonal PTR leaderboards, the gears set is still at the top.


Agree with above.

It’s doing well in NS. Don’t worry about the seasonal LB.

Every class has cheesed seasonal 150’s.


Non Season, lets see…10K paragon levels, hmmmm UNREALISTIC!. The GoD set is worthless and weak as is, yet I do find it fun to play.

I play HC during the Seasons and there is no way I or any other player is going to push this set unless using the S21 Theme. I will stick to my Impale builds for that. I was so hoping for the GoD set to allow us DH players to be included in the 4 player META. Nope, disappointed again by Blizzard devs. Oh, another thing about the You Tube and Twitch streamers, which are supposed to be great players and teachers, when I watch their videos, these guys are dying 2 or more times in GR’s with the GoD set. NOT ACCEPTABLE IN HC MODE. If this set was so great like they proclaim, DON’T DIE…EVER IN A GR HIGHER THAN 100. These guys won’t make it in HC. Don’t be fooled, Blizzard, the GoD set is weak offensively and defensively, trust me.

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Wtf… it’s like the 2nd strongest class behind crusader. What are your facts that it’s worthless? I can clear 130 on 1500 para EASY

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They played Unhallowed Essence with generators before GoD was fixed and this is clearing higher than that so… you dont have any idea what youre talking about…

If anything its not the power its the why certain things feel super clunky… Why doesnt IAS increase attack rate of 4p yet for some reason EF allows about similar clears as using odysseys end…

I mean ya it isnt the toughest build around if you go Focus and restraint + coe is that supposed to be surprising… you have to use elusive ring for HC early on til you have paragon / augs

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On non-seasonal, look at the leaderboards again. This time go slightly further down. Then look for names with the TPA clan tag. You’ll find players with much more “realistic” paragon. All of them under 5000 paragon, most under 3500 paragon.

You’ll see they’ve cleared in the 130’s and everyone still hasn’t found the best way to play the set yet.

It might still need damage boost but it isn’t in the worst shape it could be.


Agreed. I’ve experimented with different gears and HA still leads in terms of damage. While it’s nowhere near the likes of Shadow Impale as well as UE grenades, it’s actually in a pretty good shape.

No gripes in terms of defensiveness (cause this is one of the tankiest set thus far!), but definitely could do with a boost to the 6-piece bonus, like 15,000% to 20,000% and it’ll be just fine.

And see this is why testing on seasons is just pointless. Set testing is done on non-season for that very specific reason. Season is for season tests, not item nor balance.

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Ya. The OP didn’t bother to do his research before making this post :confused:


Considering the fact we might see 130’s in seasonal for the majority of the DH leaderboard… this is a huge improvement over the past performance.

OK, I made the toon with the set in non season with my close to 2K paragon levels. Same result, too weak offensively and really too weak defensively. Proc city, not going to cut it in HC. Tanky? You have to be kidding me. This set is just as squishy and pitifully weak if not more than the UE set. The bad part is, while in strafe, you have to hit the monsters or be close by and BAM, instant proc, especially in poison, arcane, ice, and molten. I guess you guys are putting every paragon point in vitality because you need maybe 2 million of to keep alive at 99 GR level or higher. The GoD set IS NOT READY FOR HC PLAY, period. These guys that are in the 130’s must be putting all their paragon points into Vit, or else they are dying 5 times per GR. That can’t happen in HC. Stop thinking sissy SC, think of HC play only. If there is a way to keep alive and kill at the same time at 130 GR level in HC, please release a YT video explaining how its done at under 2K paragon levels. Blizzard, DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT THE SOFTCORE YOU TUBE AND TWITCH PLAYERS ARE TELLING YOU. This set is weak, period.


If you have trouble at GR 99 you are doing it wrong…
I only play SC, but didn’t die with this set until GR 105 (para 63x back then) and even then that was without any defensive passives and without shadow power.
That you die because of molten explosions is your own fault, just stay away from those until they explode. With a quite defensive setup I’m able to facetank pretty much everything (except explosions) without even close to dying until GR 110.
I currently have 0 augments and Para 1057 currently and just did a GR 113 in 9 minutes with a 90% defensive setup (just missing numbing traps) as my current best, without dying.
And no, the Season theme didn’t help too much here, maybe 30-60 seconds if anything… if it killed something it was close to dying anyway and the only thing I got for the guardian was the lightning breath.
As for my setup, just replace UE with the new set and add numbing traps to the passives, maybe change the rune for Strafe to the cold one. For even more defense Switch CoE with Elusive Ring. Then you should be good to go.

Also note, my armor and weapon have ressource regen. That’s because I rerolled the wrong stat on the weapon and the armor didn’t come with vitality. Oh and I forgot to include the templar, just think of him as another johann pull and I also got thundergods on that guy for more slow procs. Grouping enemys with that amulet is amazing to speed up progress, I replaced Squirts with that at about GR 105, that was the point I couldn’t keep the buff up too often despite the shield.

The only thing you really need to pay attention to is your soroundings, Strafe away if something threating is about to happen, then you should have not too much problems surviving.

You’re definitely doing something really wrong if you think the new set is squishy. I’ve never in my life seen my sheet toughness go higher than 1B without the need to overtly stack buffs or skills of any kind, provided I was running on traveler’s set instead of F&R.

Also, my Paragon was only 1.4k and running a test T16 rift which I literally tanked 2 Molten explosions back-to-back without even triggering my anti-death passive.

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So what you’re saying is that everybody’s else testing and first hand interaction with the set is nullified just because it wasn’t tested on HC. And then we have to take only your word in count because according to yourself you’re probably the best HC player to have ever lived and nothing can go wrong with your testing.
Very elitist of you XD.
Blizz please listen to this guy and build everything around him because he’s the mighty GoD (pun intended as well) expert. :rofl:

I will just give you a small tip N6GoD4 125 clear no deaths. And I believe is the same exact game on HC as well.

What’s the paragon of those in Non Season tho?

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Any serious HC players don’t even bother to look at the HC leaderboards to infer anything on PTR.

You pretty much can’t infer anything from the HC leaderboards on PTR. There just isn’t enough people pushing HC on PTR.

PTR population is only a small chunk of regular D3 players. HC population is only a small proportion of D3 players. Multiply those together, and you have a vanishingly small proportion of HC players on PTR.

All of the HC PTR leaderboards except DH have well under 100 clears on them. Non-season numbers here.

HC barb: 46 clears
HC crusader: 14 clears
HC DH: 149 clears
HC monk: 20 clears
HC necro: 56 clears
HC WD: 6 clears
HC wizard: 14 clears

And that’s including some level 1 clears and stuff.

SC leaderboards on PTR all have at least 20x as many clears for each class.

Any serious HC players watching PTR don’t bother looking at the HC leaderboards on PTR. There’s just not enough data. The only really useful data on PTR is on the SC leaderboards, because that’s where the actual numbers are.

well i progressed very well with the GoD DH set, even avoiding the usage of the seasonal theme, i believe the last changes on the set are more than capable to do a good job, i just want the new season 21 starts faster ^-^

Ok it’s very little people pushing why? I don’t even bother playing HC because of how much DC the game has from the beginning. It’s just not worth the hassle, if it was stable then yeah I would care about playing it.
Thing is that as you’ve mentioned that “I can’t infer anything from HC” do you think that an HC player “Can infer” regarding SC then?
Don’t get me wrong but it’s pretty much like do what I say but don’t do what I do.
Another thing is to claim that a set is completely garbage without even providing a video of it. I have no idea if OP knows how to play nor if he completely understood how the set works and yet he’s asking for people to rely and trust on his word 100%.
Well then why is it so hard to trust on everybody’s else feedback then?
I stand my point again here if he knows how the build works and how it has to be played N6GoD4 will give him more than the necessary toughness he’s looking to have. Cause I back it up what I’ve done and I have proof to support my claim since people saw me doing it. And if there’s the need for more proof I’ll be more than happy to record myself doing it again.

For the record, I was actually agreeing with you :stuck_out_tongue:

My point was that HC players have to rely on SC testing on PTR, because there’s just not enough of a PTR HC playerbase to infer anything.

HC players need to rely on everyone else’s testing and first-hand interaction. And in general, that’s usually still quite valuable information for HC players. I was trying to reinforce your point by noting how vanishingly small the HC PTR playerbase is.

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