The further fate of Diablo 3

Hi. Let me ask you something. What will happen to Diablo 3 after the release of Diablo 4? What are your plans for supporting Diablo 3 after Diablo 4 goes on sale?

After my beta expriences, I MUCH prefer D3.

I will continue to play D3 - and actually want to get a Switch so I can continue to play D3 offline if Blizzard ever drops support for it and shuts the D3 servers down (posted a thread here asking questions about D3 on the Switch).

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D4 doesn’t look like a game for me, at least in its current state.

I will keep playing D3 for as long as it is supported.

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110% in D4…simply amazing top to bottom. It felt like D2 50x over on steroids, a real Diablo World with touches of Lord of the Rings everywhere. The whole world begs for exploration and actually playing instead of Speed Running with Mega Loot Drops all for bragging rights…cannot wait for posts on…" Can someone Power Level me?"…

I will not play D4 until at least 6 months after it is released, mostly to correct the biggest launch bugs which are prone to exist and because there is no need to rush into playing something simply because it is new. So, I’ll probably play something else… but I am waiting to see what happens with D3. It is possible there will continue at least 1 more season. If not, I have some TMNT to play. And some other games. Heck, a lot of other games and I keep getting more.

To be honest, I’m asking Blizzard itself about this. I’m not interested in whether others are going to continue playing Diablo 3. I would like to know what will happen to this game after the release of Diablo 4.