The Darkening of Tristram returns Jan. 3, 2021

You were also very lucky not to have gotten duplicates.

Like Hereford, all I got, so far, are 3s and 5s. At least they got a 7. (hehe).

I have duplicates 1-3.

Incorrect for me, on one level I had 3 pages. On other levels I did not get any.

  • This was the fastest try for me, only took about 30 minutes +/-
  • I wish they would add something new each year. :point_left:


Maybe someone needs to update Diablo Wiki - Cultist Page. (Or perhaps you found another Season 22 “bug”. — Shh, don’t tell anyone.   )

Yeah. That list I posted above only shows which areas they can spawn. There’s no guarantee they will.

do we need to collect all those pages? does it have any use?, its my 1st time doing this event…so far i have pages 1/4/5/7 they dropped on me mostly on halls of agony and cathedral.

If you take a look in-game at…

Achievements > Career > General > Special Events

…you’ll see all the stuff you can earn during the event.
Collecting the pages gets you a Classic Angel portrait frame, for example.

More details can be found here…

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You can also get detail information here: [SPOILER] The Darkening of Tristram Guide


I got the achievement last night and I must say it’s one of my favourite frames. Very stylish.

If you like the angel one you are going to enjoy the demon one. :fire: :fire: :fire:

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Does anyone know if this “Darkening of Tristram” is our mid-season event for S22? Hoping that its not, i think most of us are expecting double something lol…

This event has happened every January for a number of years now. It has absolutely nothing to do with the season or whether they enable a community buff (or not) for the remainder of the season.


That sounds like the most intelligent way to play it for anyone that has played since they added it in each January.

thank you!, gonna do it now…i’ve just completed that 7 pages from the cultist…tho the portrait frame would’ve been better if its a little more bigger/visible like the frames they give on season journey rewards…

If you’re just wanting the achieve you can ask for the pages in the cosmetic or achievement channels. The pages weren’t ab when they first came out and I have a full set that I’ve let people read to get the achieve. non-season of course, but it still gets you the achieve.

You won’t be able to start until 4 PM PST today. (I live in the US, on the east coast. So, that will be 7:00 PM for me).

If I remember from previous occurrences of the event, whether the pages were / weren’t account-bound depended on whether they were obtained on seasonal or non-seasonal heroes (can’t remember which way around it was though).

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That statement alone seems to be correct. Had 2 full bounty runs today (all Acts), and I can say that temporal cultists spawn pretty much everywhere. So the list of locations is clearly incomplete, esp. for the Act 2. Although I can’t recall seeing them in Alcarnus, for example, they definitely were in Stinging Winds, that Bloodborn temple and other places.

Just run the bounties, and come they will.


I don’t think they spawn in some of the newer areas. But, the areas I listed are good choices for farming those Cultist Pages.

The two more popular areas are the Halls of Agony and Arreat Crater. (All Levels).

To test if things had changed, I ran a full clear of Howling Plateau -> Black Canyon Mines -> Stringing Winds -> Road to Alcarnus -> Alcarnus and didn’t encounter any of the cultists mobs that drop the pages. Ran into a few goblins, Graw the Herald, and a Bandit Shrine so it wasn’t a complete wasted effort.

It looks like the locations are still just:

  • Act I: The Weeping Hollow, Festering Woods, Caverns of Araneae, Cathedral Levels 1, 2 and 4, Halls of Agony levels 1, 2 and 3;
  • Act II: Dahlgur Oasis, Desolate Sands;
  • Act III: Keep Depths 1, 2 and 3, Stonefort, Rakkis Crossing, Arreat Crater 1, Tower of the Damned 1, The Core of Arreat, Ruins of Sescheron
  • Act IV: Gardens of Hope 1,2 and 3, Silver Spire 1 and 2
  • Act V: Westmarch Commons, Westmarch Heights, Paths of the Drowned, Greyhollow Island, Battlefields of Eternity.

Also, pages found in season are account bound while pages found in non-season aren’t. I’ve never kept the ones in season long enough for them to be mailed to me at the end of the season to see if they retain their account bound status or if they lose it in non-season. I always keep a set found non-season on a non-season character to help others out.


Remember that the Temporal Priests can spawn in certain areas. But, that doesn’t mean they always will. The areas that did not spawn the Cultists for you may need additional runs to confirm they truly do not spawn there.

Thanks for confirming that.

is there any use doing this again if i already completed in the past and got the gem, butcher pet and calf pet? ie - am i getting any additional stuff not available in the past?