The D2R forum is a house divided

But still, one change there and another change there.
I disagree with stackable gems and runes.

All you guys are asking for is changes, changes and more changes.
Just be happy they are making a Remaster to the fans with improved graphics.

It will be big changes in the end if you have to change all the little things in the game.

Funny topic going on there with the purist asking for free for all loot and no charm bag. I mean those two things conflict with one another and it’ll be funny to see folks who want free for all loot unable to pick up loot because their inventory is full of charms.

Also saying free for all loot to prevent free loaders who don’t participate in the fight but still get loot. Funny how they don’t consider, you can be doing a major portion of the fighting, yet lose out on loot due to a little lag or being punished for being a range character.

I can some what see the argument against charm bags but I really don’t get the idea that free for all loot adds to the enjoyment of a game.


I don’t think it’s reasonable (or even logical) to be against change without being against it for a specific reason, especially when it could be implemented in as an optional toggle which you don’t have to play.

So, Nortroll, assuming all changes made were optional and all changes were QoL/bugfix, how can you possibly be hurt, in any way from them?

Surely, you cannot?


Yes, Nortroll is in the illogical position of supporting all mods - just so long as they weren’t made by Blizzard…


I just quote what Vicarious Visions said. D2:R Support Mods.
And I really don’t care about modding a game that I already like.

What I meant was people who like modding can mod the game If they want.

And when those modders mod the game, you’re free to completely ignore the mods they make and play the pure D2:R base game, right?

Of course, you are. How is it different if Blizzard/VV make modifications to the game that similarly give the option to play or not play those mods as you freely choose?

The community is already split. It got split the moment modding became a thing for D2, and has been split ever since. Whether the “mods” are from Blizzard or PD2 team or whomever matters not one jit. So long as people can play or not play those mods as they prefer, all should be happy.


It was split day one with online and offline. Further split by online trading and no trading players, and no mods and mods offline players.

Diablo has always had a split playerbase.

But yeah, I’m not seeing the issue. Even if certain mods no longer are possible with D2R, they can still be played on D2. So I fail to see any issue.

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I want to be able to hit a hot key to use a skill. I do not want to hit a hotkey to choose a skill and then have to click the mouse to use the skill. That’s just silly, outdated and needs to change.

Hopefully the game pad interface is better. That could be a fun change.


Pretty much a requirement. Based on Screenshots, console players have that option.

A charm bag would bring back gear swapping. Which would be worse since people feel the “need” to gear swap or they are missing out. It’s the entire reason D3 no longer has magic find. A charm bag would do more harm than good.

Don’t care too much about personal loot, but at least not having it makes single player competitive with multiplayer.

If people wanted to gear swap, couldn’t they just teleport to town and swamp gear from their storage before killing a boss?

They could, but that’s a lot of work for a bit of extra mf. You have to open a portal, go to town, get to your stash, left click each item and drag it over to your slot, then go back to the boss, then go back to town to unswap for the next boss. With extra inventory you just open your inventory and click each item. I could see it make a comeback.

Couldn’t agree more.

This is grasping at straw. People already do this anyways with prebuffs like CTA on switch. Or just a different set of gear on switch for immunes or specific bosses/mobs. Acting like this is some kind of catastrophic change is silly. It already exist.

Switching to mf gear is not only possible but can be done in literally a minute’s time. That’s not a lot of work. Most people just farm straight up in their mf gear with no swapping. Why are you so against something that already exists in D2?

It does exist which is why more inventory would fundamentally change the game. It’s been a while since I played D2. More inventory would make gear swapping significantly easier especially if you aren’t fully geared yet, and you are full of mediocre charms in the charm bag. Just something else to consider if they are to make these changes.

Just wondering if anyone knows a solution to a problem I’m having?
I have version 1.12 on my computer and am running Plug Y and a Glide Wrapper. I’ve had it this way for years, just playing as a single player on my PC. When D2R was announced I thought I would go on Battle Net again and build some characters there. I had to update my version to 1.14 in order to get BN access which took off both of the Mods I mentioned and sent me scrambling to find the single player characters I been developing. Ultimately I copied the files from the saved files, reinstalled version 1.12 and went back to where I started.
Is there a way to update my version and keep my mods and single player characters? It seems like some of you have done it. Thoughts?

Nope. As far as I e always understood it offline and online characters are seperate and mods are ot allowed on Bnet. Unless I’m misunderstanding you.

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i think they should maybe have two versions…classic d2 with warts no changes and then d2 remastered with changes. reason being…we are basically being charged for a new game, at that price i expect further development? it aint cheap. so the RM+ version could have all the qol/balance changes/updates/PL(!) while classic RM version with some qol/updated graphics could be for the purists.

So Sven’s glide wrapper is not a mod and doesn’t change the game files or game play in anyway, so it plays just fine with closed

For D2/LoD 1.14 versions you need to add the “-3dfx” switch to the path for your shortcut. So if you only updated from 1.12 to 1.14, that would break Sven’s glide wrapper since 1.14 requires that switch.

PlugY is definitely not something you can use on the realms.

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Yes, as the 3D renderer sits on the top of the old game, you can press a key to toggle between old and new visuals.

It appears that if you want to play the old dated version from the last century you still can. If you want to move into the 21st century and play the updated version you now have that as an option as well.