The D2R forum is a house divided

Pretty sure he’s just here to pontificate and complain.

I wonder if it will become a D2 Reforged…

Only a completely blinkered D2 fanatic would claim there were no issues with the game, especially some QoL issues given how more modern games have been solving them.

Stackable gems and runes, far greater shared inventory stash, auto-gold-pickup, these things have no bearing on the games mechanics, other than to make the game less tedious, and all of them could be on a switch, letting the die-hard purists go without if they really do choose (though I doubt many would).

I am almost as big a fan of D2 as they come, but I would never claim it was perfect, and anyone else doing so, is just not being reasonable.


I have a question: If Blizzard came out and patched Diablo 2 right now, Patch 1.15, and it included balance changes and a few quality of life changes that are a bit controversial (say stackable runes, gems, potions) and a separate Charm inventory, and the Devs said they were updating D2R to match that patch, would there be outcry? Would there be outcry if this patch had been released months before D2R was even announced? If VV came out and said they were also working on an expansion for the game with new content, would people be upset over that? Because none of this complaining makes any sense to me.

People were begging Blizzard to pay attention to D2 for YEARS, whether that be by patching, or adding new content. And now there is the option to (whether at launch, or at a later date down the road). Why are we arguing over this, and not really stating what we want to see, even eventually, included in the game, so we can hopefully get that second expansion and more support for D2?

I really don’t understand people sometimes…


Well, to some of the things you mentioned there, yes.

Stackable potions for example does change the game play. It alters the usefulness of having more belt slots, and would allow (since potions are instant) for even more “potion-popping-to-defeat-a-mob”.

Likewise a separate charm inventory also changes the gameplay somewhat in that charms are a tradeoff right now between extra power and the ability to pick up more loot drops.

Neither of those two things therefore, are purely QoL changes.

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WoW Classic , Classic TBC and WoW Retail would like to have a word with you!

Balance changes are very minimum I expect from blizzard. There are some classes that are literally useless in endgame and others that are overpowered.

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The imbalance and bugs are part of the experience. Don’t expect it.

Endgame? You mean I was supposed to do stuff after beating the bosses on Hell? Because that is when I stopped playing because there was a definitive end.

Maybe they could add an artificial difficulty slider so we can spend dozens of hours watching numbers get bigger and bigger while doing the exact same thing

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Once again mischaracterizing me. Show me where I cited D3 having a valid endgame.they only things I’ve said ii is more varied than D2s, but barely.

I thought the fans wanted a remaster, not a brand new game. This is actually a remaster, not a remake.

I thought the whole point of a Diablo 2 with refurbished with better graphics.
Is not that what everyone has been waiting for? Or should D3 fans ruin another game?

Now people are asking to change things in Diablo 2.
Give me a break!

Bunch of people are trying to destroy a game from us D2 fans.

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You didn’t answer any of the questions. As well, the changes would be nothing but quality of life changes, much like Autoloot (which alters gameplay and they are changing), and shared stash tabs (which also alters gameplay).

But the gameplay they alter simply makes it more convenient for people to hack and slash and collect loot, which is what the game is about, same as the suggestions that I had.

Fans have wanted patches and more content for D2 for years, not just a remaster, and it is not like they are doing just a strict remaster as it is.


Purists too?
-As i posted yesterday, let the debate between the Purists minority and the modders begin. :wink:

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Everyone that I can see who played D2, or even D2 Classic has wanted some attention paid to D2, whether that be balance changes, more content, quality of life improvements or even a full expansion.


Look like a lot of players want a d3 clone


I haven’t seen examples of that.

Very well said! Blizzard has had some excellent and amazing updates over the years keeping us old time players enjoyed and a reason to keep playing. One thing that is very frustrating is that this is a VERY toxic community, where no matter what Blizzard does, there’s always wannabe programmers that knock it down, give a negative opinion, and always threaten that they will leave, unfortunately, they never do, they just continue to complain. It is nice to see what Blizzard has done with D2 and I am looking forward to its release.

I over generalized and should have said the Diablo team is often against breaking the community. WoW has enough active players to populate several WoW games while I doubt the same will be true for Diablo.

For example, I don’t play HC non seasons in D3 but I would imagine it’s pretty dead compared to the other game modes.