The clan is not available, the functions do not work

I will subscribe to the statement of the head of my clan:
“The clan is not working. Cash was cleaning. No clan members are visible. It is impossible not to be accepted into the clan, not to be expelled from the clan. Clan tags remained with everyone. In the rating tables, those clan members who are not friends are not highlighted in any way. Chat does not work.
Writes: This clan is currently unavailable. Please try again later (error code 319045)”
As a clan officer, I can’t do anything either. The same situation.

It would be helpful to indicate the region as well.

Clan name: PiratE
Region: Europe
Maybe this information is needed someone.

Hey there Evgemig,

That is odd that you’re not able to do anything with your clan. That error 319045 is usually a temporary one, yet there are some cases where we need to poke someone to take a deeper look. I am not seeing any other recent reports on the forums, so this may be limited to either your character, account, or clan.

I’d like to try a relatively quick step to see if it will update itself.

  1. Start and join a game in Diablo 3.
  2. Open the Communities finder (Social button at the bottom-right)
  3. Browse and find a Community
  4. Let your game sit with that Community browser/list open for about 3 minutes
  5. Restart the game and test

If there is still a problem, please create a ticket so a Game Master can check into this. Useful info to include in the ticket would be:

  • The clan name and region
  • If this is limited to your character or if others in your clan also have a problem
  • What was done already. You can reference this forum post too
  • How long this has been happening. This is important as weekly resets sometimes can clear this type of issue, so knowing if this persists past one can speed along our investigation.

The OP first reported this 12 days ago in another thread, so it’s lasted over a weekly reset.

The first method with Communities didn’t work.
Used method 2 - created a ticket.
I hope this helps in getting my clan back to work.