That's it, I QUIT

my only regret in my entire gaming life is playing a witchdoctor. you cant even play firewalker with all the alter buffs. i quit. i just quit. what was i even thinking trying to play this game for fun like a normal player for once. i’ll never play this class ever again in it’s current state. i’m only playing whatever class is the devs favorite class so that i can play the game too. guess it’s just wizard and dh from here on out i guess thnx a lot i guess.

You should have already made peace with it. I made peace after they introduced Mundunugu and it was a top build but then they brought it down hard. Btw I don’t usually play flavor of the month builds, with the exception being the current season, because I wanted to clear GR150. I am having a blast with frenzy barb, more hours played than anything else this season. Farm GR125 - 130 like it is nothing, and already a GR144 clear without any fishing. Not considered meta or anything exctremely overpowered, but I like it, it is fun, and it is strong enough to do high end stuff. Now I am using my wizard to only lvl up gems to 150.

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they buffed Savages right? maybe i’ll give it a go.

Double damage so that is 5 GRs up in power. But of course the altar is a big buff as well. As for utility, cooldown problems are solved, so is cc immunity without wrath of the berserker. Tankyness is great. If i remember correctly I have more than 70% dodge chance. Only think that can kill me is dune dervishes aka spinners that spawn from pylons. I usually avoid builds that take too long to kill single targets, like Tragoul Nova, so even though weaker than Tragoul, I find it a lot more engaging to play.