Thank you Blizzard

Thank you, Blizzard, for the PTR preview for next season. It showed me that participating will be fruitless. Since I only get one primal per season, the one that is dropped when clearing a level 70 grift, there is zero chance of completing the table by using primordial ash to enhance a legendary. Also, just wanted to point out that the double primal drop is totally useless since a zero doubled is still zero. But I gave the PTR a run and it was fun, thanks.

But that first primal (which is likely to be garbage 99% of the time) can be sacrificed to unlock the first potion effect. If you make it the Pylon for Potions one then you’ll be able to run 10-15 GR’s higher than normal thus making it MUCH easier to get more primals.

The point of this season seems to be to get players to do things they likely know about but haven’t had a reason to hunt for – like the Staff of Herding or obtaining the Never Ending Questions page. Or even crafting an Ancient Hellfire amulet. As a “send off” to the decade long run of D3 the last season is a check list of the somewhat obscure backwaters of the game. Yes, all of these quests are annoying time sinks, but the allure of the Altar powers should make them worth doing.

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Cool story. Anyone who puts a decent amount of time (sub 1k para even) will find enough primals to get everything out of this upcoming season. I’m less than 1500 in season 27 and I’ve found 20+ primals. Kudos to Blizzard for adding a recipe to finally make use of all the useless primals.


this is unfortunately a problem of absolute inefficiency and mentality. Of course, if you only play Diablo 3 for 10 hours each season and do the season journey, you can’t expect to get more than 1 primal. but I can tell you that if you play the season every day for 1 hour, you will easily find 20-30 Primals in practice. other than that, diablo is an action rpg. You should grind in this game to reach your goal. If you play for more than 1 hour a day and still can’t find anything, you should think about efficiency and look at guides and videos.

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Believe me the potion effect with the pylons won’t last. so you shouldn’t refer to it or argue with it. People run 4 150Grifts in under 1min. Even Blizzard is listening

Fastest way to get primals is to run super fast GR90s.

I don’t play a crazy amount every season because of life responsibilities, but even for me, who only reached 1400 paragon because of how long this season has run, I’ve gotten about 20 Primals. Thats 14 more than you would need to complete the Alter.

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Yes, they’re going to do something about the potions be OP. But unless they completely remove the effect – which is doubtful – the potions will still make a difference in how far you can push in greater rifts. So maybe it’s only 5 levels. That’ll still be an advantage. And they’re going to give some advantage for the season that’s kind of been the point of every season.

Yeah, but youre still going to have plenty of power to speed run GR 90s in ~2 minutes.

but people’s problems start much earlier. Many just expect that you have played through the game during the season journey where you play inefficiently to fulfill them. And since you will only find 1-2 Primals there, you are already overwhelmed with the situation of the season theme. People like that don’t play long enough to get into speedgrifting

Another point is if getting 6 Primals is your problem, you’ll probably have more trouble getting 1600 blood shards. If you can’t clear GR 90 enough that you won’t worry about the Primals, you’re certainly going to have trouble clearing a GR 110.

i dont have any problems with it but i know Diablo 3 is full of people who played season jorney and leave it after

I think they’ve designed the Altar to be a series of “just one more then I can get what I want” after another. You’ll get the primal, sacrifice it for the potion and then discover it’s not that hard to push a bit further so you stick around to run GR90’s and then you find a couple more primals and unlock more of the tree… and… repeat until the Altar is fully unlocked. It’s not a perfect design but it’s pretty decent. A few steps – like the Staff of Herding and the Never Ending Questions – will be hard stops for many players. But all three potions can be unlocked before you need the NEQ and all but the last couple of steps before you need the Staff. I think all but the most casual players will find themselves able to unlock quite a bit of the tree before hitting a dead end. I don’t think the primals are going to be the bottle neck. I could be wrong though.

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I dont know the source of it but if i recall correctly wasnt it 1 primal every 400 legendaries or close to it? let’s just say 480. Every gr 90 you do drops 12 legendaries. So on average you should see one every 40 grs. Anybody can do 40 grs per day.

I started Season 27 late, so started at Christmas, played most days for about a week, week and a half. Since then I have played sporadically, once a week maybe. I have gotten 7 primal drops in that time, only 2 of those drops were any good for a build, so that is 5 useless primal items. That would have been enough to unlock almost all the potions, certainly the two most useful ones.

nah 40 grifts are 2h-3h. Not everyone Playing video Games for 3 Hours per day. But thats what i said. maybe diablo 3 is the wrong game for people like that

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I’ve spotted if I’m not entrance the diablo for long time from 1 ful day to 3. I’ve got the primal very fast