Tempest Rush speed problems

Hi all, does any1 has problems to stack tempest rush if you are going to fast?
If you get an speed pylon you can not stack, or if there is a barbarian at the party and they use sprint.

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Slow down.

Here are some more characters for the forum gods.

lol, I don´t know if the question is clear enough?

I think its a known bug where the stacks are being drop do to moving too fast.

So, has been reported already? Have never played with monk for a long time.

It has been reported. Now if they will fix it…?

Sad, hope so, it is quite a problem on parties.

Using quick/flick turns doing 180 degrees will cause it. Avoid this when you have high movement speed. If you have a speed pylon just make arcing motions around your character to make wide turns. Don’t mouse over your character.
It’s hard to explain, bit you’ll get it. I just choose to not use Vengeful wind with Patterns of Justice, and don’t take speed pylons when solo.

Thanks! I will try! seems reasonable.

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