Tempest Rush Flurry - Stacks dropping at random

I just don’t understand. I’ll be building my stacks, most noticeably on a RG because I try to build quite a bit before hitting him and while I’m just running around and holding down the skill button, it just randomly removes my stacks as though I let go of the skill. I don’t understand it. It’s also not consistent in doing this. Most times it does, but other times I can sit at 100 stacks forever.

Literally holding the button extremely hard, just to be sure I’m not letting it go on accident, it just loses stacks. I get to 50 stacks or so, get ready to pop the RG, use my serenity, get on top of him and look at my stacks. They are like 5. The only reason I should ever lose stacks is if I stop moving or if I use a skill/left click that stops my movement. Serenity doesn’t do that and isn’t on my left click.

It’s quite often I am building stacks, knowing I have at least 20-30, go in on an elite, pop and it does almost no damage when I should have half my stacks or so by the time I pop, which would at minimum do half the elite’s health.

I had the same experience but I didn’t get any answers from payers. It started when I got to almost 900 paragon. We might need to submit a bugged report?

First question, is it with the Patterns of Justice set (on mobile so I can’t see your profile)? Second question, are you using Vengeful Wind? There is a known issue with Flurry mechanics that too much movement speed can apparently cause you to drop stacks. PoJ with VW can add quite a bit of Movement Speed (Speed Pylons can also cause this problem to manifest). I’ve also seen several people talk about moving your cursor over your character can also cause you to drop stacks.

I think this is my case here I just didn’t notice. Will test again tonight

Honestly, I can’t recall for sure. It’s possible, but at the time I posted this, I can’t say for sure. That could have been the issue, so idk. I’ll take your word for it though. Thanks.

There are some enemys (eg trees) where you always lose stacks. Often its also related to high ms.

Never knew (or noticed) about the trees causing that issue. Good to know.

those tree will looted u even under epiphany stats .
speed pylon also guaranty drop stack of flurry .
waller too . if u stucked in the wall

You need to hit a target to maintain it. Just using Tempest Rush is not enough.


3700 season 20 without LPH in weapon

Wow, i didnt know that poj works with shenlongs. But, is it better than woh kim lau?

It only works in season 20 since you can cube Balance and Wom Kim Lau and equip Shenlong’s paired weapons.