Tempest Rush cold stacks disrupted when?

Is there a post that lists the disruptions of the tempest rush cold stacks?
Here are some I have observed …

  1. entering a new map
  2. opening doors
  3. clicking on shrines
  4. moving too fast
  5. What are the various monster affixes that also disrupt?

Thanks in advance

  1. affixes on enemies …
  • wormhole
    6.read that trees disrupt stack progression
  1. these next two of course is when we control the activation of cold/flurry buildup …
  • stopping our tr attack by lifting up the mouse button attack
  • or when activating our blind skill

In short.

When your channel is broken. Purposely or otherwise.

Moving too fast doesn’t actually break it, it’s the act of turning too sharply at higher speeds that causes this, which I feel is a bug.

As for your monster affixes, you can add Jailer (and Wormhole?) to that.

When opening chests.
basically when you have to left click on something.

Blind doesn’t interrupt it if you’ve got TR on left click. I had force move assigned to mouse wheel and that was somehow making me drop stacks out of nowhere.