Tempest Primal Sunwoko Amour stats reroll

I have the following stats

+Hp Regenration

which stats should I reroll into

which type of regen?
If LPH…reroll armor

really though all of those stats look pretty good

No need for armor with high para. Lifereg is a useful stat

no need to reroll stats ?

LPH doesn’t roll on chest armor. Only on weapons, rings, amulets, bracers, gloves, and helms.

Has to be regen.

what needs to be done on the Chest piece set of sunwoko?

Keep the regen and reroll the armor into something better. Vit or elite reduction would probably be best.

what does elite really mean?
Act boss, “blue shinny colored mobs” , Grift guardians?

Yeah, all of those.

Personally I’d go for vit, especially at your paragon level, but lots of players seem to like their elite damage reduction.

hmm … I can change later , since the stats will always be at max value lol

you have single resist on that primal chest . ill roll life regen > vita .
u need armor n vita on chest . unless u going boost paragon to 3-5k soon . next primal may drop to u . so u can consider next primal chest for dex + elite damage + armor . and add vita from paragon . but that is future …not now