Team GR 150 - Manipulate seasonal theme x4 Bannable?


my group have recently learned there’s a way to manipulate the seasonal buff so that you keep the seasonal buff stacks and they ‘proc’ (go off) in multiple instances (so for example, it will go off at 1:30, then 2:00 and then 2:30) and then repeat at those intervals every 90 seconds.
Obviously, this makes it a lot easier to clear higher GRs (up to 150) but we don’t want to get banned but we also want to clear higher GR (for gem upgrades etc).

Is this bannable? You banned the player(s) who did a similar thing in season 19. Players are already doing this in NA and EU in season, and china have many 150 clears already.

Can you tell us what we should do from here? We don’t want to get banned… but if everyone else is going to do it… then why shouldn’t we?



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Where is the exploit?

The fact that players know when the buff will go off? There is a visual buff bar timer that tells you. I think you are supposed to use that information to your advantage.

Or am I missing something?

there is a way to have the buff spawn on all 4 players every 22 seconds.
so 4 procs on 4 players every 90 seconds. stacking up each time reaching 800+ thats able to wipe a rift guardian in seconds

EDIT; didnt explain that well.
you can have 16 themes spawn every 90 seconds, because they overlap instead of having the stacks reset when they trigger you can re-add them each time so they just keep stacking up and spawning every 22seconds to just wipe the whole GR

I would email, and/or, and give detailed information on how to reproduce it.

Nevalistis left Blizzard months ago.

As to giving the info to Blizzard’s hack team, they should just go watch Wudijo’s recent video where he explains what the issue is.

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Her email address is still on the pinned post about reporting hacks and exploits…

She definitely left though…

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