Switch Leaderboards top tier are all cheaters

I agree, it’s a massive let down. There is definately ways to prevent cheating when it is as obvoius as a 3 socket ring. Alot of people say to contact nintendo etc… but no voice would be greater than blizzard themself.
Something really needs to be done as newbies are starting to think gr150s are the norm for late game. Alot of them don’t even know they are playing with a cheating ally.
This leads to legit people quiting shortly after. With most likely negative word of mouth. Don’t buy d3 on switch etc, and for the most part i can’t recommend d3 on switch either, nor any game made by blizz at at really. The blizz we all knew and loved is just turning into quick cash grabs.

Nintendo controls the leaderboard servers. All consoles has cheating issues since saves are offline and can be. Edited. Blizzard won’t do anything about it.

It doesn’t matter who controls the leaderboard servers.
Developers just need to add periodic sanity check for gear at random intervals and at the moment when RG is killed. If you wear any edited item you get big red label “Cheater” next to your account and your “record” is not going anywhere.
Trying to edit your gear or swapping it in-memory every 30 seconds would be a challenge and fun.
Offline saves are not a problem. Lazy Developers are.

i wasn’t making an excuse, i was saying what the reality is. blizzard doesn’t care… lack of blue posts here is further proof they really don’t give a flying frick about console players.

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It is sad but true. I wasn’t trying to offend you.
This kind of sanity check fix for this cheating problem is straight forward and easy to implement. But they do not care. Many years in a row.

The Switch version is goosed…on that platform there are save editors that allow full save editing because the Nintendo Switch firmware has been hacked.

The developer of a game cant be expected to combat a platform issue.

You can’t expect a developer to include sanity checks for a game because the platform has been hacked.

Especially given D3 is just a port and not a full fledged Switch developed game.

Yes sanity checks would help but we have asked that since S10 when it came to consoles and they have never implemented it…it wont come now.

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I don’t understand a lot of things about stuff obviously, but why is cheating such a big deal to so many players? Would everyone who complains about cheaters be in the top 100 of the leaderboard if cheating were fixed? Am I wrong to be complacent just enjoying the game? I imagine there is something rewarding about learning to hack the system to get on the learderboard without putting in all the legitimate effort, but then what? Did they or will they actually enjoy the journey? They put in the effort to cheat. I say let them revel in the glory. Maybe I don’t care because I know I’ll never be in the top 100 even if I try. I have to push R3 to figure out which character I am.

Most people here, if you wipe the leaderboards of the cheaters, the legit ones can be in the top 100 or higher. I think Homer has been in the top 5 a few times for group or possibly solo even. don’t remember.

Cheating has been rampant on console and ruins peoples actual legitness to play the game the way it was meant to be played. I’ll be honest, i used modded items and duped etc. But for me and the short time i had to play, i was fine with it, but at the same time, i didn’t do anything to ruin someone elses game.

these cheaters in non season and in season don’t care about other gamers playing the game legit and putting in the hard work and grinding. this game is meant to be grinding and rewarding. cheaters take that away.


Some people play D3 for a laugh, with friends etc.

Some like myself who have played D3 since 2014 have done that to death.

But Seasons offers a competitive part to D3 and is super fun, the only reward being leaderboards, some play just for this.

Whether others do or not is irrelevant really. The point is cheaters are on the leaderboards and especially Switch where a save editor allows hacked/modded gear.

I’ve enjoyed several seasons playing competitively…I finished S12 rank 1 HC Monk and rank 1 four Man Group…I streamed an entire season solo (S13) and finishing rank 3 in HC Monk (died whilst drunk with two weeks cost me number one spot, still hurts).

So it depends on why you play D3 but for those that enjoy Seasons for what they were intended for…competition…then cheaters spoil it.

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It’s not just about leader boards any more.
All the games i have joined are doing sub 2min 150s
and your just following someone every thing dies.

So your not really even playing anymore its just follow the leader there’s nothing left to kill

No glory in cheating in any game. Those who cheat need to learn that they’re not wanted. They all need to play fairly or leave the game. Forced or otherwise. Zero tolerance.

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The cheating just destroys the game. This is like false advertising. I enjoy the game but would get a refund for this if i could. I’d be in the top five right now for barbarians on the switch if not for the cheaters. I feel like i totally got ripped off here

Do they have groups like on PS4/Xbox? You can create a page and post highest GR push (screen shot) and post into group. Anyone with modded gear is immediately booted. Friend all legit players.

The leaderboards are for people who are seeking competition. Most competitive players constantly watch the leaderboards and pretty much know who is cheating. Those people simply dont count in my book.

I have finished #1 HC monk on xbox1 a few times, and have only been beaten by a cheater 1 time (s17). Even though cheaters suck, its actually rewarding when you can beat them playing legit. The group i play with on xbox1 strives for top spots, and we have a group of cheaters that try desperately to beat us (sometimes they do). Sadly when the cheaters win, they brag about how much better at the game they are; Its laughable really. We have one player in particular who took top spit on 3 boards with reforged gear and revived his characters numerous times. He honestly thinks he is good at the game because of it.


Those leaderboards are tainted, so what’s the point of scrolling through the top hundreds to finally reach the legit players. This is regarding switch specifically since they modded gear. You are not going to beat it.

As for Xbox/Ps4 save scumming it is just another reason not to play HC. HC is easy as long as you pay attention. I literally played a few weeks and got a #3 necro for S14 and made top 10 on wiz and DH. There are better players on SC from what I’ve seen and you will get better competition. HC barely has anyone playing it and even less competitively. Anyone bragging about HC should try SC for a season.

Playing HC legit isn’t easy. Placing in the top may be, but only because most can’t stay alive long enough to compete. So yes the remaining competition is small, but still competitive. There have been seasons where my monk clear on HC would have still been in top 3 vs SC. If i played SC, I would just be able to go a little more offense to push slightly higher.I wouldn’t have to deposit everything in my stash or collect several sets of backup gear in case I died. I wouldn’t have to level 3 bane of the trapped for three different characters, cuz I wouldn’t ever lose those items upon death. SC sure seems alot easier… except for the fact that mostly everyone in top 10 on SC reforge exploit.

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I found HC rather easy. I never lost a char in S15. The same can’t be said for some other players. Prepping for a death is just gearing two toons and backup gems. Just a lot of common sense type stuff. As for reforging, it is safe to say it is part of the game now. I couldn’t care less if people do it. They have had years to fix it, but nothing has been done. Personally, there isn’t a reason to do it, if you just play the game, the gear will come.

Mmmmmmm I disagree…back in S13 I had the goal to stream every single session and try and top the HC Monk leaderboards whilst only playing SOLO.

I played solid for two and a half months, every session on YouTube and with two weeks left, at paragon 1,916 and 3rd in the Leaderboard I bit the dust…by playing drunk.

That hurt hard, I had backup gear and gems but I lost the heart to play the remaining two weeks.

I finished 3rd…sometimes when you invest so much and lose your main no backup character with backup gear can suffice.

I lost 3 wicked Primal’s that were all found on stream.

In fact, I’m still gutted to this day, the death is still on my YouTube channel and my reaction is of utter sadness.

But that is why I love HC so much. It makes you care about life and death in the game…and your toon.


Props for playing solo for that long. I would have moved onto another game. After investing that much time onto that character to lose it all, whilst drunk. Damn, that sucks. As for SSF on Diablo, I can’t, I would simply lose interest. Social aspect really makes the game for me. It has kept me here so far. I actually like playing PoE on SSF, but its different and just feels like its meant to be played solo at least moreso than D3. Some of my mates are considering having another go at HC next season and I am considering it.

I never felt challenged since I could save my character through clever game mechanics, rather than rip it (go to town or just leave the game). People do it all the time on bad floors when you are immediately attacked by off screen assassins whether HC or SC and insta-proc. There is a fine line for being pushing a GR and just being stupid and dying for being greedy. Dark Souls taught me that.


I remember that death! I remember chating with you during a previous stream about staying in on proc, not knowing if there is a derve right around the corner. It was a sad day for me as well when you died. I was really rooting for you to take #1.

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