Switch leaderboards showing s19?

In addition to the season buff issues (I see already reported) - the leaderboards on switch are showing the s19 clears instead of current season.

Can confirm. LB still shows end results from S19.
I guess there is no change till Monday/Tuesday… So no pushing for conquests…

We will look into this.

Hi all - We need some engineers who will be available on Monday to really dig into this. This seems to be affecting all consoles. Will get on this first thing Monday. Sorry about the inconvenience on this.

Will have an update on this tomorrow.

EDIT: Update on this - The team is still looking into this and working through on it. Will update once we have a fix live. Sorry for the delay here.

Just wanted to double check on this… Are you guys still seeing past season on leaderboards?

Oh you mean the cheaterboard?:stuck_out_tongue: at least that’s what I call it since no one ever does anything to fix the problem

same with PS4. we have 3 man teams in solo leaderboards. welcome to the club Switch players. absolutely no reason why Diablo can contact Playstation to reset the boards