Switch - Gold Streak not working

Hi Guys,

my wife and me want to complete the conquests. Goldstreak / Bosskill in 20 min / GR 45.

We are hanging on the goldstreak and it will not work.
I run 25 Cow Rifts with Smaragd in Helm and got 100 mio. Gold but the Goldstreak does not trigger. Tried already with templer - he has a Gold Armor but still not working.
Even in good small Nephalem Rifts no chance. Tried with 2 Chars DH + Barb - nothing. Sure I have to Goldgem everything should work.
it worked without any issues in the past seasons. This season it fails.

We deactivate our pet and leave the gold untouched and collect it after everything is done. Nothing.

Now we thought maybe the switch is to slow and we collect 40 T16 bounty bags.
We stay in town and unbox it without movement and pet was also deactivated, we earned over 70 mio. at once - guess what, the conquest is still open.

Any Idea where is the issue?

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Streak thing works like massacre bonus. You have 4 seconds or so to continue it before it ends.

7 full runs of T16 bounties (35 caches, 4 more than is required) should be easiest way. It can’t be time thing either because on console you have space in inventory to hold all caches. You still should try to be as quick as possible and not to move.

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Yes - I know that. I play D3 since a while :smiley:
And if you check my first post - we had 40 Bounty Bags :wink: and earned over 70 Mio. (not sure about the exact value). Nothing - it does not work.

It does not matter if you get 300 million or 50 trillion total if the streak breaks at any point before 50 million point.

If you wait animation to end every time you open cache it could be that it is reason why you can’t get it.

Yes - i know all of that - we did not move. We checked our gold before we run into the Loot :wink: Guys honestly, thanks for the tips :slight_smile: but its indeed a bug. I have Speed Dh (with a Guide from maxroll) and its running through the Nephalem Rifts like a crazy horse. :wink: I pickup so much gold like I did never before. I have the gems, smaragd in helm (which was never needed before), the Templer with a gold chest and avarice band.

Would it be possible for you to just post a video? Not doubting you, but I think this would be beneficial to everyone here to see if it was a big.

Difficult with the switch… tbh I hate the bounties and dont wanna do it again.
I am just a casual player (around 1100 Paragon) and do not have a lot of time for gaming.
Its a bit of a shame because the goldstreak is the last one to complete the season journey.

I think its not a common bug but I saw a few bug reports here, where some conquests etc. are not triggered at consoles (different ones). Very random and it looks like its not related to the goldstreak - its just a random thing.

What I wanna point out. I play D3 since several years (usually Crusader or Barb). It never was an issue with the Goldstreak. It happens usually on its own without paying attantion to it. I am not a noob. :wink:
Lets see if I have the mood to shoot a video - in case I am crazy and run the Bounties again :smiley:

Its always a bit difficult to complete the journey on the switch, last season I hang on the 300 monster kill for the cursed chest (switch not fast enough, slow spawnrate). This time its the goldstreak - its annoying.

PS: I also tried a bit of troubleshooting. Upload save games to nintendo cloud. Delete saved games on switch. Download and try again - same. Tried without sanctified item - same. Tried a WW barb - same. Restart the switch because shutdown is usually just a standby- same.
Only chance I see is too try a complete new user account but than I have to play the story again - meh… :confused:
What is strange is that it happens to both players - my wife and me (we usually play together - my wife on switch 1 and me on switch 2).

Unfortunately, this is where I say it’s more likely user error than a bug in the game. Plenty of people have completed the conquest. And with every person so far that’s ever claimed that there has been a bug, it’s always been an issue with them just letting the streak break.

I’m not saying there isn’t a bug. The game certainly has plenty. But when it comes to a situation of it happening on two different accounts on two different switches, both of whom are living together, the odds that it’s a new bug, or user error, well, I think you know what I’m getting at.

Ok - you asked for it. Dont expect a solid High Quality Video - my Wife and me was also talking during the Rift :wink:

At the Beginning you can see - I start with arount 33.482… Bio. and ending with 33.675… Bio. So it must be enough for 3 Goldstreaks, right - at least 2 if I interrupt one?

As I said - Bossmode was done and I receive an info for that.
Also GR45 without set items was done - receive also an info for that.

Sorry about the German langauge - if there are questions I will explain. Just ask :slight_smile:

It shows that the last one was done in april this year.

If you have any Idea…? Because I test already a lot… and running out of ideas.

Edit: We started this in single player mode to make sure that there is enough gold for each player. (Tested already together and single) - Video is single player as well.

Unfortunately there’s no counter on the console version, but it’s pretty apparent why you’re not getting Avarice, at least in that video. You’re not creating a gold streak. It’s not just amount of gold you pick up. You have to get it in a streak as well. This means, that if about 4 second goes by without picking up any gold, the streak breaks. You have multiple spots in that video where you’re going 5+ seconds without picking up gold.

You can’t just run around killing things. You need to make sure there’s always some gold on the ground in case you get into a situation where there are no monsters to hit.

This is probably best done in single player, though I know it is possible in multiplayer, it just takes some coordination.


As far as the town approach opening up horadric caches, you need to also make sure you have gold pickup radius turned down to 0, as well as not having a follower or pet up when you open all your caches. And you need to stand very still.

Yes - the console gold streak is a bit difficult - but I hear the up picking gold - one time there is a longer interruption yes. but, by nearly 200 Mio Gold in one Rift (and thats only an example) - I dont think thats an issue of me - honestly - no way :wink:

For the Town pickup - yepp I know - Paragon Gold radius was at 0 and Pet was deactivated.

Lets be honest here. All things fails - the Rift above (+dozens of others). Nearly 30 Cow Levels and the Bounty Chests. It doesnt look like my fault, especially when I have a bit of experience with the Game :slight_smile: - as I said - it never was an issue. Goldstreak happens usually at first without try to finish the conquest.

Still, amount of gold does not matter if you don’t get 50 million streak.

I didn’t have any problems getting it by opening bounty caches.

I had pet disabled just in case. Didn’t reset paragon. After opening first one I opened inventory immediately during animation and opened next one. I repeated this until I had all caches opened and then waited for all items to drop to ground. After everything was on ground I moved my character and conquest completed.

Of course it didn’t matter how much you picked up. But the chance is really high by pickup 200Mils gold in one 2 minute rift.

I stated now several times that I know how it is working and explained that I successfully did it several times in past seasons. Please give me a bit of trust.

The question is. How can I reset this thing. It’s obvious that it hangs anywhere.

Sorry that I can’t say anything on Avarice, but if you want to complete the season journey: Have you considered doing GR45 without Set items on Hardcore? Assuming you play SC. I did this last season as it was the easiest way finishing the journey. (on PS that is)

Yepp I came to the same conclusion - this is the next step. Needs a bit of time for leveling but I will go this way :wink:
And… Thanks :slight_smile:

I play on PC and on switch, it’s very easy to mess this up…

Here a few tricks for this method:

  1. Dismiss pets and follower
  2. Get to 0 pickup radius, paragon and take off any equipment with +1-2 pickup radius.
  3. practice on just one bounty, open it up. Should see gold on ground… open close you inventory… still gold on the ground… then move and only then it should pick up the gold.

If you touch the movement stick, or got controller drift, it’s not going to work…

-good luck.

Grumpy - I know, I know. Thats why we checked the Gold before and after pickup :wink:

In the End I decide to do a short Hardcore trip and create a HC Barb. So the season is complete with Hardcore GR45 :slight_smile: