Sustaining Life as a rend bard?

To start off, I haven’t played since season 3 or 4 and some stuff has been added. First time playing a barb and I chose a WW Rend barb because of the speed.

-Couldn’t get my setup to link (no links allowed? WTF) -

Current setup -
Waste set w/ dimonds in helm and curias.
Squirts necklas
Morticks Brace
Lamentation Belt
Restraint & Focus with rubies
Tassets with rubies (will change to diamonds when I acquire more)
Bul-Kathos 1 handers with emeralds

Ambo’s Pride, Aquila Cuirass, and Band of Might in Kanai’s Cube

Rend - bloodbath
Whirlwind - wind sheer
Sprint - Marathon
Ignore Pain - Ignorance is Bliss
Battle Rage - Ferocity
Wrath of Berserker - Insanity

Rampage, Berserker Rage, Ruthless, Boon of Bul-Kathos

Str - 8468
Dex - 77
Int - 77
Vit - 4485

DMG - 565752
Tough - 12038100
Recov - 957154

Life 449K
Fury 120

What do I need to change to live longer or sustain life better? I’ve been up to GR 93 with no issues and I’ve been as low as GR60 and get 1 shot multiple times.

Trying to figure out what I’m missing.

I’m working on getting more diamonds into my armor sockets for resists as I figured that’ll help with staying alive longer.

Hope I’m on the right track but missing a couple things.

Thanks for your time.

Two things:

  1. biggest issue is that you’re using wind shear instead of blood funnel rune on whirl wind. With BK set you don’t need wind shear. This alone should fix your problem.
  2. your life is pretty low
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Flavor of Time instead of Squirts and Band of Might along with FC or GS instead of Sprint.

What? Get some Legendary gems.

Using Band of Might but no skill that activates it…

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This hero…

Can’t believe no-one’s suggested reading the stickied build guide yet…

Made that change. Is the only option a better role for vitality to gain more life outside of paragon points?

Felt like sprint made me faster but that makes sense with BoM not procing anything. Wasn’t sure which legendary gems gave the most benefit for this build.

I threw Bane of Trapped into one ring, Gogok of Swiftness is in my FoT right now.

Vitality on helm/shoulders/belt/boots/chest/pants and life % on belt can go a long ways. Gloves are typically str/cdr/chc/ch, but str/vit/chc/ch are easier to find and can be used. Gems are typically going to be bane of the trapped, stricken, and teaguk. You want high cdr on this build so that you can keep wrath up permanently and obsidian ring of the zodiac to help with that. I would recommend reading the guide posted above and using captain crimsons variant to begin with. Very tanky and you can put all of your cool downs on numlock and not worry about micro managing anything. Then when you have more ancient pieces and are more familiar you can try the core zodiac build for pushing.

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I just found my first Taeguk. Not sure if the drop rate on that was reduced but i remember getting those everywhere back in early seasons.

I’ll look at enchanting to get more life.

Is Pain Enhancer worth using in a gem slot?

Not any longer. PE increases attack speed, which ww/rend does not need. Just need to hit the 2 attacks per second, which BK or Istvans takes care of by themselves.

I think we’re getting somewhere.

Toughness is up to 15Mil
Life is up to 713K

Actually you only need to hit 2 WW ticks per second, not 2 APS. You can achieve this without any APS on gear or using BK or IB weapons.

Thanks for this… keep hearing this 2 APS needed, but the guide says “don’t put IAS on your gear”. Your answer makes more sense.

No worries, I just learned about this recently as well, so trying to spread the truth. :slight_smile:

The squirts is why your dieing. If you don’t build to it specifically then drop it till your build is better suited for it.