Suspension of a new player

Hola! I’m new.

I’ve read all kinds of posts on this subject but have little clarity and have followed the Blizzard guidelines.

I’ve played for one week and was suspended. I’m not set up for chat or conversation.

I do have a tremendous amount of connectivity issues and I am often disconnected during play.

I’m still learning. Happy to learn.

The various responses I’ve received simply tell me I have a temporary suspension due to a code violation. No specific info so I don’t repeat whatever it was that I did. No time frame. It’s been five days. My research gives all kinds of examples on time frames.

I’d like feedback or advice.

If you used any known exploits, you may have been caught up in a “banwave” but I am not aware of any recently as I simply don’t care or pay attention to them.

It is possible, though maybe unlikely, that if your public IP and country of choice do not align, you were suspended for multiple logins.

It is also possible that some other game is the reason for it, not Diablo 3. I’m not sure what there is that could do that, but maybe something that “needs” weekly/daily access to perpetuate a license - again, I don’t think Blizzard has this model, but maybe.

You should check your email that is registered with the game. Account actions are sent there… so, they did give a reason even if you didn’t see it.

Oh, and also:

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Thank you for the replying. I have all of the emails from them. There is only the comment of a policy violation. No details so I can’t learn from my situation. No time estimate. Just the word ‘temporary’.

I do repeatedly log in due to connectivity issues.

No other game software. Playing on my phone. American based. I’ve had a blizzard account for years to the same email.

I can’t solve the connectivity issue at this point so perhaps this version of Diablo will be unplayable for me.

Though for a week, even with the connectivity issues, it was all good.

Thank you again.