Survive the Echoing Nightmare rift in Hard core?

This guys solution is to just use the shield shrine when things get scary, but Blizzard apparently hates HardCore, and dropped the shield shrine, and put in a speed shrine. :frowning:

It’s not that bad, just pop speed and run until you’re overwhelmed.
I admit I’ve only made it to 132, but I actually enjoy the rush of those few levels


Ran 2 today. 95 and 103 with a sub par innas monk.

I’m sure there deadly at higher tiers.

The game play was okay but it just feels odd to me. Like a CR that is okay but still has problems in the build.

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I’m Hardcore Wizard 70/900. Survived Echoing Nightmare up to tier 121. ]]

Safest way is to use teleport with the Aetherwalker, so teleport has no cooldown, and you can just pop all over the screen out of the way of exploding mobs.

With the the belt “The Shame of Delsere”, primary skills attack 50% and restore 10 Aracane Power per hit. Magic Missle becomes a machine gun, firing 4 bolts a second and each bolt restores 10 arcane power per hit. When you run out of arcane power to teleport, just hit a mob with magic missle for 3 seconds to restore 120 arcane power, then blip away again. But that won’t be doing the damage, that’s just for restoring arcane power quickly.

Using Typhon’s Veil 6 piece with the Magister helm and with Serpent Sparker and Tasker & Theo in the cube. You drop 2 Frost Hydras in spots that keep killing things, as you run around and teleport through explosions.

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A little late to the party, but I do this with frenzy and ww/barb.
(1) Hold off on shrines, as long as possible, duh.
(2) Treat it like WoW PvP and control middle.
(3) Lead, as best as you can, the fire (phys. dam.) explosion in a circle. Some maps are easier than others.
(4) Hold off on using Wrath of the Berserker as long as possible, usually when the follower’s passive pops. Basically, there aren’t enough monsters to hit to keep Serker up 100% and you kill the ones that are there way too fast.
(5) PANIC! I know weird strategy. It revs you up and causes you to think/act faster. I swap between cdr and speed pylon around EN 100-115 depending on the map.
(6) Get power pylon before lightning pylon.
(7) Repeat (2)
(8) Repeat (3)
(9) Get overwhelmed before you pop follower passive again or your own passive.

I can go as far as 134, but I usually average 131-132. The bad maps are around 128-129, sometimes popping my passive after my follower’s. No splats… yet.

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these are so much better now. Just get to 126 and stop attacking stuff. I run them on an ik hota barb b/c I don’t care if he dies, but haven’t lost one yet. travelers/compass, I keep moving except when hota-ing something down real fast, and I even use unity when solo.

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There’s a nice updated youtube guide that basically says to pop speed and channeling near the beginning. Then both power and conduit at about 97 which will take you to right about 125 at which point you just run away and lose quickly.

The guy did it on hardcore several times saying it works with every build, and it looked pretty easy though I haven’t yet dared to try :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like once I get into the hang of it, keys will be the bigger problem. I managed to find about 8 so far and they seem quite rare.

tried it myself yesterday (hardcore obviously). Did 4 attempts and landed between 120-130 each time. 3 over 125. It was messy and chaotic but overall pretty easy. With a little more practice I’ll have no problem doing it consistently and safely. Equivalent GR numbers are much harder.


I’ve been running with someone that does that. Funny thing, it still ends around the same level too, low to mid 130s.

My “updated strategy” to consistently get 125-130

Use speed and channeling whenever really. Around level 30-50 is good.

Once meteors start going down from the sky (wave100) pop power and conduit in that order. Once conduit runs out run away around the edges and you will be defeated soon after (note that several meteors might still fall so be careful with that). Must have flavor of time on yourself or immortal follower.

By timing it around events instead of wave numbers you can just focus on the action and not have to constantly check what wave number you’re on. So far it’s worked smoothly for me every time. The pylons carry you and your character doesn’t really matter.

If you’re trying to get as high as possible then obviously you need a different strategy.


is possible, whe things go creazy just run arround the border of the map until the event is ended

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I appreciate this thread. I’ve not had the nerve yet to try the EN, but it’s good to be fore-armed with some tactics.

Thank you, all.

IMO, the easiest is AoV Crusaider, just run in circles on your horse. Admititly, there are a couple of maps you have to be careful on. I have a stack of 125’s and most EN’s I finish with way over 125 only because it keeps killing even though you are just ignoring them.

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I just did one with a WD. It would have been a lot easier had I not invited a random person to do it with me…who proceeded to pop every shrine then bail. But at least I can say it’s very doable. Heart pounding, nerve wracking, but doable.

I didn’t think you could bail?? Can you TP in two player?

I don’t know. Was too busy running for my life to figure out how they managed it and I’m not about to test it with a HC character. I could try with a SC though. All I know is, they basically said ‘nuts to this’, and weren’t there.

Granted, when they left, it was suddenly a lot less busy in the rift, which was nice.

I tried it with a WD in hard core…, and the pets kept attacking enemies, and I couldn’t get it to stop sending out more enemies, and I got killed. I wouldn’t try it with a WD again, !

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I didn’t use pets, I don’t think…though sometimes they are summoned without my knowledge.

It didn’t stop sending more after you’re overwhelmed? Or did the pets keep you from becoming overwhelmed?

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Doing it with other people sounds like a recipe for disaster. Having a 2nd cheat death on your follower, flavor of time on it, AND being in full control when you pop shrines and end the rift is crucial imo. Only reason to do it with other people is if you’re overconfident and trying to maximize key efficiency which are annoyingly rare.

I do it with a ton of pets every time (necro) and no issues ending it. But my pets mostly just tank and don’t really do damage so it might be different on a witch doctor but I kind of doubt it.


yes, the pets keep me from becoming overwhelmed

I have Character that is immortal up to GR 120 no matter what, lag spikes, beinng afk for 1 hour in a small room whit 6 elites inside, power down you name it, the best strategy for surviving an EN is to run arround the wall and never stop shooting when things get nasty