Sunwuko Tempest Rush GR push build options

Hi monks,

I’ve been playing a monk this season in hardcore (and loving it). I play a fair amount but I’m far from an elite player. I am sitting at GR ~90 and am confident I could push further. I’ve just been holding off on pushing while i minmax a bit. I’m using the same build i see Quin69 using to push (and it looks like most if not all hardcord monks). I was wondering how important the Soothing Breeze rune on Cyclone Strike is. It seems to proc from Won Khim Lau every second or two. With my gear, that’s an added ~31,000 healing every so often. While certainly useful, it doesn’t seem like that much. I suppose depending on gear that would be much higher but it’s based on a secondary stat that seems pretty low on the totem pole. Would it be an ok alternative to use Wall of Wind instead (the rune that freezes). My thought is that it freezes enemies and enables you to get the benefit from Cesar’s Memento. Freezing enemies don’t do damage so it seems like a pretty winning combo. Is there a reason no one is using it that I am unaware of? It seems like a good option until you perhaps the very best gear at the highest of GRs.

I did a 110 on 8:45 the other day (HC season), with the following setup:

  • Freeze rune on Cyclone
  • PoJ set (not Sunwoku)
  • Dash + Crystal Fist for toughness
  • Travelers + Compass for toughness / damage (no CoE)
  • Gogok + Taeguk + Trappen gems (no stricken)
  • Focus on attack speed talents / runes
  • Life per hit on some gear

While it is true you can pull off a lot of damage using a Blind + CoE + Sunwoku build instead, this type of setup works pretty fine.
If I need some extra damage (vs RG) I can always try to run against a wall to keep still and get the extra damage of Traveler’s.