Sunwuko Spirit gen

Playing hardcore monk, POJ can get to around 100, seems everyone in the 120+ range is playing Sunwuko, I’ve given it a try but cant seem to generate any spirit, with identical skills, kanai’s and gear to the top players.

Whats the secret here?

Simple: 55 cdr 50 rcr :slight_smile: And maybe no ias on gear


I’m the same.
Justice = lots of spirit
Sunwuko = spirit instantly gone

I cleared a 121 solo last night with Justice. My friend has a 120. I’m pretty sure people use Sunwuko’s because PoJ didn’t work with Flurry in the original patch, and it just stuck to use that. There is no reason to not use Patterns Of Justice now. It got patched and it works.

The main reason for using sunwuko over POJ is a bit mor damage, and the damage reduction from POJ drops instantly if you stop channeling or get interrupted. Kida risky on harcore.

Pluss u have more gearing options with sunwuko.

But im softcore, so i like POJ mutch better, still die when i stop channeling though