Suggestion on Angels rework

Angels are in a tough spot. If you don’t nerf them, they will be ridiculous, clearing 150 on the first day. If you nerf them, this sanctified power will be completely useless.

What I propose is to rework it.

  1. Untie Angels from Fallen Sword, which is a skill that no build uses. Make it so that when you have the sanctified power equiped, you have two Angels with you at all times.

  2. Make Angels more interesting. For example, make Angels carry monsters with you as you move, or gather monsters to you, and they cast your holy skills (whatever holy skills you have equiped) - condemn, consecration, heaven’s fury… That’ll open up more build options.

Blessed Hammer Set uses Falling Sword skill. Maybe Rework the power so other sets can use the season power, like granting damage reduction after casting.
I Would love a buff to the Crusader :S, if the team doesn’t want to risk buffing damage, at least buff the damage reduction from Aegis of Valor from 50% to 75%