Suggestion for Legacy of Nightmares

LoN and most crafted items have been on the sidelines for a while now. A way they could be made (slightly) useful again would be like this:

  1. Remove the LoN rings and Blackthorne’s set from the drop pool and make them craftable

  2. Add Captain Crimson’s set to the drop pool and remove them from the craftable list

  3. Rework LoN set bonus to the following:

While you have no class-specific set bonuses equipped every crafted item you have equipped increases your damage dealt by X% and reduces your damage taken by Y%. This bonus is doubled for Ancient crafted items.


  1. LoN being craftable allows for the bonus to be applied to them also.
  2. The only useful item in the Blackthorne’s set are the new pants and making them craftable will allow them to be used on both LoN and LoD. Captain Crimson’s set, on the other hand, became a useful set after its rework and a lot more worthy of being dropped than Blackthorne’s.
  3. Tweaking the numbers of X and Y to make the set viable for T10-T13 for non-Ancient items and T16 for Ancient items would make craftable items useful for all classes.
  4. These changes would require minimal work while actually enabling the use of craftable items in their current state.