Suddenly, I cannot kill things

If you’re talking about your season wd, you only have a 4 pc set. looks like you switched to a focus ring instead of your set ring.


I switch gear around all the time. Sometimes new combos do fun things. But, I have not significantly changed gear recently…

Just curious if they somehow nerfed something or beefed up the mobs… :slight_smile:

u are wearing only 5 pieces of the set either wear RORG or cube it

Losing the 6pc bonus is a significant change, and no, nothing has changed in the game, only your gear.

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Nothing has changed in the game. It’s all user error. You changed your gear. Revert it back and you should be able to kill things again.


Yes bro, you messed up your gear. Plain and simple. Nothing else changed.

No, they didn’t change anything like that. First if all would be in patch notes, second if all you admit you mix your gear up.

I’m no expert, but your seasonal WDs have some serious gear issues. One of them has Homonculus in the cube and also has it in off hand… Get some legendary gems in your jewelry, and that Focus ring by itself is doing you no good. Get some better weapons, also. And bracers… Arachyr’s set revolves around Firebats, Hex , Corpse Spiders, etc…and none of them are on your skill bar. Look at your boots - increase Firebats dmg by 12%…

Needs some tweaking


Thanks Nefertiri and everyone else.

I was truly only curious about if any game mechanics have changed.

I was not looking for a critique on whatever gear I signed out with last night. :smiley:

It changes often.

I play my way. Your mileage may vary.

Wasn’t criticizing, just offering some tips about why you couldn’t kill anything. Game hasn’t changed. Good luck.


you answered your own question i think. pick a class, find something you like, find a build for it, and watch a video on how to play it. understanding why the build works is important.

I have. Why does my gear upset you so much? :smile:

And… dont need videos… Been at this game for over 20 years… I think I got it… :rofl:

doesnt upset me the slightest. you came here looking for answers. you’re question sounded very newbish for 20 yrs of playing and only 5 forum posts. check patch notes for any changes or check to makes sure you have the correct equipment, abilities, stats, and buffs needed to properly execute the build. builds come and go due to changes of course. for the best results, find the builds corresponding to the current season.

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Fixed it for ya…


No, you don’t.

You have the full Arachyr’s set bonuses, yet you aren’t taking advantage of the 4 and 6 piece bonuses. Also, you aren’t using legendary gems, haven’t enchanted any of your items, and you have the same mojo equipped and in the cube, which means you are wasting your cube slot.

And you complain that you can’t kill anything? Yet when called on it you claim that you understand the game? Really?

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Asking for advice And not listening, Omg.

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I got exactly same bug. Suddenly, cannot kill anything unless I changed to some other weapon.
did you fix your problem?

The only problem is necroing a 1 year old thread. It is not a bug.

  • You are not even using REND with your Wastes build.

It wasn’t a bug. OP dropped a 6-piece set bonus without realizing it (among other poor gear choices apparently). Make sure you didn’t accidentally swap out an item or skill. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you cubed the wrong weapon, so you’re not applying rend via whirlwind. At a glance, I guess Ambo’s and Rimehart might look somewhat similar.

Also, check the post date if you have to use the search function to find a thread. Highly unlikely the OP is going to answer you a year after the thread was made :sweat_smile:


It isn’t a bug. Here’s your Barbarian…

The Cube is showing The Furnace, Aquila Cuirass, and an empty slot, which must be filled with a Ring of Royal Grandeur as you’re getting the full 6-piece bonus of the Wastes set and Captain Crimson. That leaves just the season’s 4th slot available (which doesn’t show in the armoury pages) and that means you’re missing Ambo’s Pride and/or Lamentation. You also don’t have Rend/Bloodbath in your abilities. You don’t have Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac / Band of Might / Flavour of Time, so you’ll struggle to maintain 100% up-time on Wrath of the Berserker and lack mitigation. You really should read this…

Specifically for Season 22, you should be using the following…

Equipped weapon 1: The Slanderer
Equipped weapon 2: Little Rogue
Equipped ring 1: Focus
Equipped ring 2: Restraint
Equipped amulet: Flavour of Time
Equipped belt: Lamentation

Cube Weapon: Ambo’s Pride
Cube Armour: Mantle of Channelling
Cube Jewellery: Band of Might
Cube Wildcard: Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac

You can use Bul-Kathos weapons for speed-farming instead of Istvan’s.