Stuck at 1,000 out of 1,050 Seasonal Achievement Score

[Dear Blizzard, I don’t care if the “body is similar” to the bug report I just posted. Fix your crappy games.]

There are a few posts on this from previous seasons. Apparently there are supposed to be some hidden seasonal challenges that are not shown due to a bug? On Xbox, when I go to seasonal challenges, it says “95%” for “Overall” without any open challenges shown. Both “General” and “Items” are at 100% (Cooperative and Hardcore are empty), and I also completed all Conquests (and the whole Seasonal Journey). How do I find the remaining challenges to get the remaining 50 points?

There’s a hidden few achievements where you need to complete a GR40 with zero set items on.

Thank you! That was it. Now I’m at 1,050. If that wasn’t the last season, I’d ask you: How did you even know that? And why are they hidden? But I guess that won’t matter now. :smiley:

it would pop up before when that was one of the related conquest.