Struggling to go over GR 122 - Season 24

Hi all,

So I decided to go DH for this season (this is my second season, I haven’t played D3 for ages!), and I have found I really enjoy the GoD - Hungering Arrow build.

I am currently at 1460 Paragon, with augmented gear around 550 - 600 Dex on almost every gear piece.

I am really struggling to pass GR 122 solo. I have decent gear, I believe my Scoundrel has the right gear pieces as well, but it feels like my damage is pretty low. I see other DHs with a few more paragon levels than me doing 135 GRs, and I wonder what the hell!!

I have 37.33% cooldown reduction, which allows me to keep 100% Vengeance uptime. 50% crit chance and 468% crit damage. I have roughly 8.2M Damage, 46M Toughness and 1.6M Recovery (all unbuffed).

What am I doing wrong?

  1. Your NCS is really low. 455 just isn’t going to get it done. A non ancient with a better legedary affix (closer to 600) would be better.

  2. Aughild’s is only playable with GoD with high paragon. I imagine you’re dying more often than you should. Switch to Wraps of Clarity with as close to 50% as you can get.

  3. Roll the crit chance on your amulet to Cold Damage. It’ll serve you better.

But most of all, you need a new quiver. Like I said, that 455 is really really low. You need to get one with 590 or better even if it is non ancient.

This should help you move up.


Hey, thx for the reply. Quick question on the Aughild’s - isn’t the 3 piece bonus (2 + ring in cube) much higher than the one from the bracers (Wraps of Clarity)? Not only does the set have nice damage reduction, but it also has higher damage bonus, plus damage to elites.

Regarding the quiver - I find it really, really, really hard to have it dropped. Even when I try to upgrade it from rare, it’s usually 1 in 15 chance, something like this.

Sorry, noob to all this.

Aughild’s only offers 15% damage reduction against non elites which is the vast majority of enemies in a Rift. Add to that, most folks use Fortress Ballista for the increased toughness it provides.

And even beyond that, to use it effectively, 3000 or better paragon is recommended. It’s a nice set true but you’d get more out Wraps and CoE at your paragon level.

And yes, NCS’s are hard to come by, I was paragon 2500 before I got a good ancient or better, but your quiver is lacking. It doesn’t have a high damage modifier, no Hungering Arrow Damage, no crit chance. Cooldown it has sure, but you’d be better off rolling that to crit chance or Hungering Arrow damage and find cooldown somewhere else.

But honestly, you really really need a new quiver.

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Just found a new (non ancient) quiver with 587% damage modifier, with some decent stats for everything else.

Regarding Aughild’s, my question was about the 2 piece set: 15% damage reduction, 30% damage increase (am I not understanding it correctly) while the Wraps offer nice 45% (my case) damage reduction, but no damage increase.

Yes, That’s true. you get more defense out of Wraps. And not having to use RoRG, allows you to use CoE which is a flat 50% damage increase (200% 1/4 of the time). Hence you’d get more out of CoE. The only time Aughild’s is better is against elites and like I said, that is cool and all but to deal with the defense loss, you have to be high paragon.

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Sorry, noob question: what is CoE and RoRG? Thanks so much!

CoE= Convention of Elements ring
RoRG= Ring of Royal Grandeur. (Has to be in the cube to use Aughild’s and so you can’t use CoE.)

Don’t use Stricken… it only works on one enemy at the time (and the boss). When you’re fighting big packs you only get stacks and increased damage on a single monster at the time until it dies. Trapped (edit: Bane of the Trapped) works on all enemies affected.

Strafe on boots does no damage. Even move speed is better because you can put more paragons in dex.

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But what gem should I use in the place of Stricken?


Bane of the Trapped is standard. Some have recommended Zei’s stone of vengeance when doing fast runs.

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Gem choices are usually:
Simplicity (mandatory)

and for third gem:

Trapped - if you are in/around mobs a lot
Zeis - if you can play more ranged and circle around mobs a lot

I use Zeis for speed runs - you can kill stuff an entire screen away frequently as you’re getting the max bonus - but when pushing I get more bang with Trapped since usually harder to keep distance when density gets crazy.


A little note on Zei’s, it’s description is a little bit misleading. You’ll get base bonus already at zero distance so max benefit is gained at 40 yard distance which isn’t that dificult to maintain. At 30 yard distance the damage buff roughly matches Trapped of the same level.

Zei’s can provide larger damage buff while Trapped is more consistent, especially in S24 where one can constantly CC enemies with Buriza.

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Plus one to Kirottu. Just don’t forget that monsters can grow immune to the hard freeze from buriza.
I’ve also found that if you stay at max distance to monsters with Zei’s your followers will stay too far away to attack.

Regarding the Buriza: I’ve read that the “Strafe projectiles pierce” is mandatory to have on the weapon, and because of that I have passed on many other drops with much higher damage bonus… is it true? A Buriza with 3.8k damage with strafe pierce is more powerful than a Buriza with 4.1k but with other bonus?

In non-season having Valla’s power is pretty mandatory but not so much in S24. Since Buriza is a fairly slow attacking 2H crossbow, it should be quite easy to hit in the ideal attack rate window so that one doesn’t have to worry about the internal cooldown of GoD 4p bonus.

Normally your Strafe could attack so fast that the 9 frame cooldown of GoD 4p bonus is still up and only every second Strafe projectile could generate a primary. For that reason Valla’s is needed so that one Strafe projectile could generate multiple primaries.

Buriza however generally attacks slowly enough to generate a primary with every single Strafe projectile hit. So Valla’s power is not mandatory.


I would recommend an enchantress with 25k intelligence on her.

Cold Damage is the biggest flat out buff I have seen for my toon. When I hit 50% cold damage I got a big buff and was able to beat 129. Since grinding out paragon and a couple of extra gear improvements I’ve achieved a personal best of 131 solo.

For my Buriza, raw damage is what I go for. I lucked out and got a 4.1k damage WITH the absorb shield but I would be using it regardless of passive/legendary skill.

Also, this is just opinion but for me, I don’t worry abut crit chance too much at all. Buriza freezes and gives 100% crit chance, so I want crit damage stacked to the roof. I think 521% crit damage is my current. With crit chance being somewhere in the 30’s.