Struggling to Complete GR 118

Hey everyone! Loving this season so far, especially the fresh take on followers, but I’m having a really hard time on GR118.

I’m able to clear GR 116 and 117 pretty well (finished 117 in 12:08) even on good-not-great rift layouts/ tilesets.

However with GR118 I’m just hitting a wall - I don’t feel like I’m doing enough damage to them and it’s just a ride on the beep beep struggle bus.

Am I missing something in my gearing/ setup? It’s taken me this far (but maybe I need an upgrade on my gloves…idk?)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Stats & char link below.



plvl: 1023 +1300vit, +815str
Str: 11,209
Vit: 5,426

Hey Beefy,

The big problem I see here is that you’ve got no AD on your gear. To make use of density with this build, you need AD- basically, as much as possible, ideally 178%- and you need to hard-cast Rend. This procs AD, whereas Rends created by WW via Ambo’s Pride do not proc AD.

If you haven’t already, you should go read the Zodiac Rend guide. It has everything you need to know.

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okay gotcha thanks!

I’ll try to reroll some stuff & get other drops haha the grind continues!