Stone of Jordan Overrated?

My question is NOT about the description of its power (Each of your elemental’s damage bonus …) discussed at nauseam in these forums. I finally got ROJ in the primal legendary form using Kanai’s cube (Option 2 Law of Kulle) and am trying it now but am not convinced that ROJ is all that powerful as suggested by many and also its description - “The Stone of Jordan is far more valuable than its appearance would suggest…” It replaced Compass Rose which provided good offense/defense with Traveler’s Pledge, and my primary statistics “Damage” and “Toughness” notably decreased upon the change. And I am not convinced that the new build with ROJ improved my hero. Please look at my build and make suggestions.

First, Stone of Jordan is not always a good option.

Second, some people just want to replace Convention of Elements because of its semi-annoying cyclical power, noticeably weaker for monk than necromancer due to # of elements involved – something you should be using (I did not check your Cube powers.)