Stone of Jordan or CoE for SaderBomb

Hello, i found a nice soj, which gave me the question, is it better than the CoE ?
+17% physical damage
+14% Area damage
+28% damage to elites.
(rolled socket)
My coe has Attack speed 5% and 19% ad-rolled (187%)

Also, is Consecration bed of nails a bad choice?
I really am very noob with those additive or multiplicative stuff…


If I’m not wrong the elemental damage on coe is a multiplier in itself whereas the elemental on Jordan is additive to elemental on bracers and amulet. Also with the long cool down on bombardment it fits fine with coe cycles.

Keep it for group play. Change justice lantern for soj in group.

Coe for solo and play around it.
Typical silly gameplay.

Sojs are fine in speed content and party, as Rick said.

For speed content i guess you can stick to the soj. Also if you are not very good at synchronizing every buff for specific time windows and want to be more consistent, then soj. In speeds it doesn’t really matter and the fact that soj has physical and elite damage it’s nice for sure. COE is superior if you push, you just need to focus on the physical rotation. Another thing, i don’t think that attack speed is really that important for this build, you might want to consider area damage and cooldown reduction if you find a better one in the future.