Stone of Jordan can snapshot temporary elemental bonuses

Was testing whether the updated Stone of Jordan affix worked with temporary elemental damage bonuses like Black Hole: Absolute Zero, and noticed something curious. You can snapshot the effect of temporary elemental buffs like Black Hole: Absolute Zero and Spectral Blade: Flame Blades.

Not sure whether it’s intended for Stone of Jordan to work with temporary elemental bonuses, but the snapshotting definitely seems like a bug, because it means you can indefinitely maintain what should be only a temporary elemental damage bonus.

So basically what happens is that, if you cast a Absolute Zero, your bonus top just that element increases above your baseline, but the SoJ effect does not apply and it doesn’t trigger for the other elements.

However, if you use your potion or change floors, you can permanently snapshot that temporary elemental damage bonus into the elements other than itself via the SoJ bonus. It will only be reset when you potion or change floors again.

You can see here I start with 58% elemental bonus to begin with.

Then, with a 40 enemy Black Hole: Absolute Zero pull, prior to potioning, I have +120% to cold, but fire/lightning/arcane remain at 58%.

However, after potioning with a 43 Black Hole pull, I have +129% over 58% (so 187% total) to all 4 elements.

When the Black Hole buff falls off, my cold damage drops back down to the baseline 58%. However, I retain the +129% to the other three elements, and my fire/lightning/arcane bonuses remain at 187%. They stay that way until I potion again or change floors.

You also have a curious effect where you can snapshot in a higher Black Hole buff to fire/lightning/arcane, then let it drop off cold. Then recast a smaller Black Hole, and end up with a temporary cold buff that’s there, but still lower than your snapshot. Here I have a snapshotted +90% buff to fire/arcane/lightning, and have a temporary +51% buff to cold.

What’s even more curious is what happens if you have a temporary bonus in a different element than what you have on your gear. Here, I have 58% cold damage on gear, so SoJ makes all my elemental bonuses 58%. Then with 30 stacks of Flame Blades, I boost up to 88% fire damage. Even though what I really have is 58% cold and 30% fire.

After potioning, it doesn’t snapshot at 88%. Instead, it drops my fire bonus back down to 58%. Presumably because I never actually had 88% fire damage, what I actually had was 30% fire damage and 58% cold damage, so when I potion and it does an elemental damage check for SoJ, it sets my fire to the max I actually have, which is 58% cold.

Now this is where it gets ugly. My fire damage was set to 58% while I had 30 stacks of Flame Blades active. Then, when the 30 Flame Blades stacks fall off, they actually subtract from my fire bonus, and I end up with -30% fire damage. So 28% fire and 58% of the other elements. That’s definitely a bug. Granted, this is a pretty specific situation that is unlikely to come up all that often in regular gameplay, but it’s definitely not desired behavior.

I think there’s definitely some issues with how SoJ does elemental damage bonus checks in relation to temporary elemental damage bonuses like Black Hole: Absolute Zero and Spectral Blade: Flame Blades.


Holy, thats some ridiculous ammount of Spaghetti right there. :joy:

Stone of Jordan:
Each of your elemental’s damage bonus is equal to your highest static elemental bonus to skill.

I’m pretty sure that SoJ is not meant to work with dynamic elemental damage bonus at all. The wording of that affix is a bit awkward to read but it clearly states “static” bonus. Non-permanent buffs gained by skills like Black Hole or Spectral Blades are not static and should be ignored completely. It should be safe to assume that this is a bug.

Nice job, TinneOnnMuin :+1:

Currently, the only source of elemental damage that’s flagged as non-static is Convention of the Elements. I wouldn’t be suprised if Black Hole and Spectral Flames (As well as any other elemental damage boost if there is one) not having that flag is a complete oversight that didn’t even occur to the devs.

Hopefully it’ll be fixed, otherwise we will see Wizard once again take the top GR pushing spot, easily able to do GR 150 solo due to having a 500%+ elemental damage boost from using Black Hole on an entire floor of mobs.

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Well, the item is pretty bugged right now. I think I read somewhere that legendary static damage (like Magefist or Frostburn) gained through the cube won’t be recognized by SoJ right now… but even without those bugs - this item needs a serious revision no matter what.

They clearly did no one a favor by adding this.

The item really isnt great or useful in its meant, current way. And for the devs this gets out of hand pretty quick if it comes with this snapshotting F

My favorite type of code pasta. :roll_eyes:

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I like this bug. LoL

Blizz, please keep. The ring is actually useful now. lol