Still can't chat in and says complete for purchase

I’m starting this because I can’t chat (I upgraded starter account). My order is complete in my battlenet purchase area from weeks ago. I changed my password like others said, and I still can’t chat or see chat, even in party. I have three other accounts and they are all working fine on this same pc. I need help with my account to remove restrictions on chat or there is something else going on.


You should probably contact Blizzard Support directly with a ticket… account issues are normally not dealt with from a forum post.

There’s no menu item for “I can’t chat in Diablo III” so I suggest you use “Purchase failure” instead — do provide the Order ID if you bought D3 on Blizzard’s Shop. You can use the ticket form here: . Live Chat may be available (it was when I wrote this reply) and you could try that if you want – turnaround time is probably shorter. A written ticket is fine too… and you get to keep a copy on your profile :slight_smile: .

Good luck !